Disney opens up Accessible Minnie Van service to any Walt Disney world guest

Jan 20, 2023 in "Minnie Van Service"

Posted: Friday January 20, 2023 11:54am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has updated its Minnie Van guidelines for Accessible vehicles, opening them up to any guest who wishes to book a larger vehicle.


In an update to the Minnie Van guide, Disney says "any Guest can order an Accessible Minnie Van. Guests do not need to use the vehicle's accessibility functions in order to book a ride in an Accessible Minnie Van."

Accessible Mionnie Vans include seating for 5 people, one complimentary car seat (which can be used by one of the five passengers), and two spaces for mobility devices (Guests may remain in their mobility devices for the duration of the ride). There is a maximum capacity of 7 Guests per Accessible Minnie Van.

Here's How to Order an Avcessible Minnie Van

  • Open the Lyft app within Walt Disney World Resort and enter your destination.
  • Confirm your pickup location. Lyft will provide a fare estimate, and your payment will be processed directly through the app.
  • Tap "Select Access. Minnie Van" (short for "Accessible Minnie Van"). If the option for Accessible Minnie Van service doesn't immediately display, scroll through vehicle type options until it appears.
  • Track your vehicle's progress on a map provided by the app. You'll also see the vehicle number to help you spot your car.
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JIMINYCRJan 21, 2023

DW is in a w/c and the Minnie Van really helped us on the last trip we were on when it was available. Bus space is sometimes very limited because of all the scooters guests are using now. Booking the van in advance gave us assuredness that we could get to a reserved site on time. We used the service multiple times. A nice feature that we are glad came back. But I would hope those who really need it due to disability have the spots available.

Chip ChippersonJan 20, 2023

On one hand, that will make it easier for larger groups to get a Minnie Van. On the other, it could make it harder for those who need the accessible van to actually get one. I wonder if they have data indicating that the accessible vans aren't being requested often enough to justify not offering them to everyone.

Andrew CDec 01, 2022

Needs to be a clown car where I can fit 12 people and we can split it.

dreday3Dec 01, 2022

😲😲😲 Um, scratch that idea!

DCBakerDec 01, 2022

Minnie Vans will also reportedly add the following locations to its service area beginning December 7th - Four Seasons Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort Shades of Green Walt Disney World Swan, Swan Reserve and Dolphin

DCBakerDec 01, 2022

Mike is reporting Minnie Vans will resume limited service to MCO beginning December 14th for Club Level Guests only. The price for a one-way trip will reportedly be $199 - the service was previously priced at $155.

RteetzNov 28, 2022

It theoretically should.

dreday3Nov 28, 2022

But in future would expand to all resort guests? Or stay club level only?

monothingieNov 28, 2022

Just round it up the next hundred and call it a day. Tax and tip not included.

RteetzNov 28, 2022

It was $150ish (one way) I think.

monothingieNov 28, 2022

Whatever it was add 15-25% to it now.

Disstevefan1Nov 28, 2022

I suspect it's almost guaranteed Mears will be less.

CaptinEONov 28, 2022

I wonder how it will compare to Mears express.