Minnie Van Service returns today at Walt Disney World

Jun 29, 2022 in "Minnie Van Service"

Posted: Wednesday June 29, 2022 4:08pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Minnie Van Service returns to operation today at Walt Disney World.

Minnie Van Service provides service to and from select locations within Walt Disney World Resort from 6:30am to 12:30am daily via the Lyft app. Minnie Van Service will not be serving Orlando International Airport for now.

Also new at relaunch is the ability for accessible vehicles to be requested via the app instead of via phone.

Disney World President Jeff Vahle celebrated with Cast Members earlier this morning and post these photos on Instagram.

Learn more about Disney Minnie Van Service at Disney World.

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crazy4disneyJun 29, 2022

This is literally 1 thing people should NEVER complain about price... its an option a luxury one as well with plenty of other options ie Uber/Lyft & yes i know they cant drop you off at the MK doorstep but you can be left right at the Light by Contemporary and walk a casual 5 minutes to the park. Or simply rent a car granted that has gotten expensive but probably still cheaper depending

mikejs78Jun 29, 2022

Between $25 and $40. It was always somewhere in the middle of the pricing for Lyft Lux Black and Lyft Lux Black XL (a little more than Lyft Black but less than Black XL. Yep, we took it when we were either time crunch or wanted an escape hatch back to our hotel. And the car seat factor definitely played into it.

mikejs78Jun 29, 2022

It's a small sample size, but I probably took a half dozen rides over the course of the week, and every single one was previously a Minnie Van driver. One told me that they hired back 70-80% of the furloughed Minnie Van drivers.

MisterPenguinJun 29, 2022

Funny, I thought they were all fired and only a handful were hired back. According to the Internet.

RememberWhenJun 29, 2022

I looked up a trip this morning, maybe around 10:30, from Boardwalk to Wilderness Lodge. It was $35. Which is a lot. But. I have 2 car seat aged kids, and taking the bus then the boat to get from one hotel to another is cumbersome. Would I do it every day? No. Am I planning to use it to get to that ADR on our arrival day? Yep.

nickysJun 29, 2022

Do you remember what kind of prices you paid for some of the trips?

mikejs78Jun 29, 2022

Another side to it - I took a bunch of these in the last week (during soft openings) and every single driver I spoke to was thrilled that they were back. Most have been laid off and doing other things for the last two years, some had other jobs within WDW. Now they have their jobs back and it's a job they love. And this wasn't BS, you could see it. This isn't outside the realm of the more premium Uber/Lyft offerings.

lewiscJun 29, 2022

MV wouldn't be able to book a return fare. You'd have to pay an hourly rate which includes time needed for the MV to drive empty one way. At least 4 hours. ,$400 to Vero Beach. Not enough demand. Plus Disney might not have enough vehicles and drivers to handle local customers

moles.family.disneyJun 29, 2022

You know what, mini vans is yeah a pricey option but if they actually offered more options, I would pay. I know they are a distance but the fact they won’t go to Port Canaveral for the cruises or Vero Beach baffles me

lewiscJun 29, 2022

Its priced between Lux Black and Lux Black XL. It's not competitive when compared with casual drivers using personal vehicles. Drivers are Disney employees driving Disney owned (leased) vehicles. It would be impossible to meet demand, or cover costs, if was priced to compete against basic Lyft. MV is a premium product with premium pricing. JMO, I don't include MV in my long list of greedy decisions

HauntedPirateJun 29, 2022

"Yeah, they're a bit overpriced, but..." Full stop, right there. There is NO excuse for this service being overpriced unless you were going to be teleported from Point A to Point B or provided some amazing benefits available nowhere else. STOP ENABLING THEIR GREED.

Walt dJun 29, 2022

We want you here’ but we wont bring you ha” ha” walk!

DCBakerJun 29, 2022

Use the > on the right to move through the photos -

mikejs78Jun 16, 2022

Did not realize that. Thanks for that info.