PHOTOS - Fit2Run now open at Disney Springs Town Center

Dec 18, 2020 in "Fit2Run"

Fit2Run Disney Springs Town Center
Posted: Friday December 18, 2020 12:22pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Fit2Run, the runner's superstore, opened this morning in a new location in the Town Center at Disney Springs.

The new Fit2Run can be found in the former Lucky Brand location in the covered area of the Town Center just across from Sugarboo.

As with the original West Side location, you can expect a range of both men's and women's running shoes and apparel. Brands include Hoka, New Balance, Brooks and On Cloud.

The store can also measure your running style on a treadmill to determine the best shoe for you.

The running store originally opened on the West Side in 2013 as a pop-up location, and remained there until late 2019 to make way for the upcoming M&M store.

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LastoneOnDec 04, 2020

That's quite a lot and I thank you for the perspective. My area not nearly the tourist haven of others but we have our season, and yeah there is an avoidance strategy. Any tourist coming from any sort of tourist area themselves, has to have some empathy for the locals of another. How can you not? Haven't been to FM in a few trips, just haven't needed anything. When Millenia opened its was quite a big deal of course, and its proximity would catch us. Haven't been there in a long time either. We are more likely to be buying groceries or a new usb cable over at Walmart or Target. If we want food court kind of food we hit a WaWa. :D

MrPromeyDec 04, 2020

Honestly, it's just the hassle of tourist areas in general. There is residential not too far off but once you enter the tourist area, traffic gets worse and you're dealing with non-local drivers who don't know where they're going, super-wide busy roads with lots more busses and charters, etc. Prices for things like simple fast food and gas go up - you're in the tourist bubble so everything is tourist centered. If I were new to the area or in my very late teens or early twenties, I might find all of this exciting but since I'm not, it's just kind of a pain in the booty. Security is a small part of it but getting a spot to park (the garages have helped with this but during busy times, it's still a bit of a hassle) and then getting spit out in one of the few entry points from garages and having to huff it to whatever store you're after in whatever the Florida weather decides to be that day - usually somewhere between humid to the point that you're dripping wet to humid to the point that the sky is doing the dripping or both within 20 minutes of each other. (it's always fun to be on the other side of DS from your car when the rain starts and you think about the umbrella you left safely locked away and dry on the covered third story of a garage) For me personally, there are places like UNIQLO that I like and which aren't always the easiest to shop online, with only a handful of locations in the US that makes it pretty unique but now even they have a spot in Florida Mall. Some people look down on FM which also has it's share of tourists as well as general slice-of-life (read into that what you will) locals but it is a simpler affair to get in and out of and again, for the people that like to quibble over atmosphere, I have to ask if they are there to shop or to people-watch. They aren't mutually exclusive things and I don't mean to talk about tourists as if they are second-class citizens or people I don't like but for just normal every-day stuff, when you've got places to go and things to do, it's easier to not be trying to get past people who aren't in that time and place, sharing similar concerns. (I'm fine being one of them in the parks as long as we're not about to lose our fastpass window on something, btw.) There are a few places that have sort of unique non-Disney, non-touristy things (think not Coke or soon-to-be M&M) but for the most part, I wouldn't say unique enough to be worth the hassle and the markup (sometimes a lot, sometimes a little) for me. If I were a runner, maybe there would be something unique and special in that store that would draw me there that I either couldn't get somewhere else local like one of the big sporting stores or wouldn't want to order online without seeing/feeling but I'm not, so I really can't say. It doesn't seem like they are that particuarly special to me but that's how it is with every niche thing for people from the outside looking in, I guess, so I could be wildly off the mark with my opinion, there. If I didn't have an annual pass and wanted a cheap Disney "fix" I could see heading over there for a bit. I guess if I liked to drink and gawk at tourists, that might be a thing for me, too but (and I don't claim to speak for all locals) honestly, we (my family/friends) go there sometimes for some of the restaurants when we are making a specific trip with that in mind and may wander around a bit or when we have guests from out of town who are or aren't going to the parks.* If you live near anyplace that has tourist draws (think major cities, a coast with beaches, etc.) how often do you really want to venture into the tourist areas if you don't have to for casual stuff? I have friends who live in Vegas and they do just about everything they can to avoid the strip and old downtown about 98% of the time for the same reasons. I don't think it's a Disney or Disney Springs specific thing. Reading this, it makes it sound like I might not like WDW in general but honestly, having lived in FL almost my whole life, for me it's a local theme park. I see WDW (perhaps through spoiled lenses) the way other people might see Kennywood or a Six Flags so there is a little bit of a logical disconnect in my mind, there... Having a young child, that's of course, a thing, too. :) *also for a show every now and then at House of Blues, again, when the world isn't ending.

LastoneOnDec 03, 2020

We're cool. just yaking Do you think permanent security will make it too much of a hassle, drive away the local "run in and get" sort of thing? Discourage the casual visit? Toilet paper lol crazy Told a guy I built a shed to store mine, he thought I was serious.

MrPromeyDec 03, 2020

In any event, in my entirely anecdotal experience, locals aren't reliably good for a whole lot in Disney Springs besides alcohol and Disney merch (probably) headed for Ebay. Even here on these forums, you'll find that many of the locals that claim to frequent the shopping area, like to go there, have a few drinks and people watch and not a whole lot more. We go for stuff that's exclusive to that area and not much more because dealing with the crowds and the setup just isn't worth it to us on a regular basis. It looks nice. it looks clean but I've got easier movie theaters to go to when the world isn't ending and a lot of that stuff isn't unique enough to make the hassle worth it. I'd think if they were catering to locals as a decent part of their business, they'd be more likely to be somewhere else where the rent would be cheaper and more locals would be likely to shop with a popup store or booth during events either there or at Wide World of Sports. That would lead me to assume (possibly falsely) that they do in fact get a good chunk of year-round tourist business. This surprises me but a lot of things surprise me. ... Like if you told me I'd be working from home full time eight months ago or that toilet paper would become an on-again-off-again aftermarket industry I'd have looked at you like you were crazy. 🤷‍♂️

LastoneOnDec 03, 2020

Oh good. Now I know who to ask about stuff outside of WDW.

MrPromeyDec 03, 2020

Like I said, if they can afford the rent, there must be a big enough market... or were you just rehashing what I said to make some sort of point? 🙄 And as a local, I'm aware we are allowed in but thanks for the tip! 👍

LastoneOnDec 03, 2020

You carry what you're racing with on the plane with you. shoes, socks, shorts whatever. If the new shoes are a different brand that would be worse case. They all have different lasts/foot beds, builds, fit etc. If I could go in a buy the same model, or at least similar from the same brand, chances are the shoes wouldn't be a problem. There are shoe makers that change things all the time - looking at you Merrell! - and that's maddening. Others hold the most popular models steady for many years.

LastoneOnDec 03, 2020

You know that Disney Springs is accessible to the locals right? And yeah, its their business. I guess they like what they're doing there or they wouldn't do it. But the last thing I'd want to see there is ANOTHER Disney merchandise store. How much overpriced crap do you want to buy?

LastoneOnDec 03, 2020

So should all the restaurants feature Disney food?? Look at all the money they're leaving on the floor by not selling Disney chicken fingers, cupcakes, etc.

RteetzDec 02, 2020

People enjoy fitness and recreation. Running is part of that. Sure they have Under Armor but this offers more options especially for someone running focused. Under Armor is not the greatest running brand but rather a good general athletic brand. I see this less problematic than some of the other stores in Disney Springs...

ppete1975Dec 02, 2020

i didnt even think about lost luggage!! I cant imagine how bad running a marathon would be in brand new shoes that may or may not be right for your feet (hard to tell before you put miles in), especially if you are a serious runner.

MrPromeyDec 02, 2020

That makes sense for about ten days out of the year. Just wondering about the other 355... If they can afford the rent, I guess there must be a big enough market for this very specific niche store to exist year-round, though. 🤷‍♂️

DznyGrlSDDec 02, 2020

This is a great re-addition to Springs. I know several runners for rD weekends that either lost their shoes, forgot their shoes, socks, etc and needed something last minute.