Fit2Run now permanently closed at Disney Springs

Nov 11, 2019 in "Fit2Run"

Posted: Monday November 11, 2019 8:05am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Fit2Run on the West Side at Disney Springs is now permanently closed.

The store for runners opened in November 2013 alongside Curl, which is also now closed. Disney has plans for a new tenant to take over the spaces of both locations - expect an announcement soon.

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VacationeerNov 12, 2019

Fit2Run wasn't Fit2Run at DS Sorry, couldn't help myself.

raymusiccityNov 12, 2019

Well, that's just the status quo of any outdoor Mall.

DABIGCHEEZNov 11, 2019

That is one of the great things about Disney Spring... some stores do not last past 2 years(if that), so there is always some new stores to see when you go. :jawdrop:

wdwmagicNov 11, 2019

I cant say yet unfortunately

ThatMouseNov 11, 2019

Wait! I think you posted in the wrong forum. This is a store in Disney Springs. ;)

JEANYLASERNov 11, 2019

Who is going to be a new Tenant for the old Fit2run store in Disney Springs?

tjkrazNov 11, 2019

That's a shame. Visited there in 2018 when my old Nikes were killing me. Salesperson recommended a great pair of running shoes that literally salvaged the trip. And they weren't overpriced.

wdwmagicNov 11, 2019

No the plans are for something new

DisneyDreamerxyzNov 11, 2019

I was wondering if this was on the chopping block as well. Is it true Splitsville is going to refurb and expand into this space and where Curl was?

mf1972Nov 11, 2019

wow! we were literally there a week ago during our vacation. the store gave no indication that it was closing.

LilofanNov 11, 2019

The FL mall location closed up several years ago too. Nice concept of a store which did not survive.