Bowes Signature Candles now open in new location at Disney Springs

Oct 26, 2023 in "Bowes Signature Candles"

Bowes Signature Candles overview
Posted: Thursday October 26, 2023 10:07am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Bowes Signature Candles is now open in its new location on the West Side at Disney Springs.

Bowes previously operated only from kiosks within Marketplace Co-Op and Disney's Days of Christmas at Disney Springs but has now taken over the space of Sosa Cigars, which closed in early January 2023.

The store carries a wide variety of scented candles and fragrances, including items inspired by Disney attractions and hotels.

You can find Bowes on the West Side, next to Salt and Straw Ice Cream.

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DCBakerOct 22, 2023

Bowes Signature Candles (Westside) has opened at Disney Springs. According to the company, the official ribbon cutting is tomorrow (October 23) at 5:30pm.

SoFloMagicAug 02, 2023

The co-op is a mess. I miss wunderground

CntrlFlPeteJul 22, 2023

they moved it all to a back corner of the Co-Op.

PlutoInOrlandoJul 19, 2023

They've already moved everything out of the middle of the Co-Op (as of last week when we were there).

Musical MermaidJul 18, 2023

I'd love it if they move out of Days of Christmas and Marketplace Co-Op and move everything to the new location. They make those stores smell so bad and I'd really love to shop for Christmas merchandise or see what's offered in Co-Op, but don't want to trigger migraines. There must be others who are sensitive to fragrances too.

mf1972Jul 18, 2023

i guess they really need to get that tobacco smell out of that area