Disney to announce Tiana's Bayou Adventure preview details this week

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Tiana's Bayou Adventure preview
Posted: Monday May 13, 2024 9:03pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Following today's announcement that Walt Disney World will officially open Tiana's Bayou Adventure at Magic Kingdom on June 28, 2024, Disney has provided more information on upcoming preview opportunities.

Disney says that details will be shared starting May 14 for preview opportunities ahead of the official grand opening for Florida-based Cast Members, Annual Passholders, and eligible Disney Vacation Club Members.

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Tha Realest2 minutes ago

It is pretty hilarious the people the NYT quotes positively are an influencer that advertises how much she charges for promotional posts and Drew.

SilentWindODoom7 minutes ago

Despite all the heated talk in the last two pages that will likely be gone soon, I just want to say how incredibly funny it is that Basil said he was making a co-op joke and how close it sounded to suggesting Scott was on the take was accidental and people still keep responding to it and telling him he was wrong. 🤣

MerlinTheGoat8 minutes ago

I can assure you that you've done an infinitely better job at making yourself look like a "kook" than I ever could.

MisterPenguin16 minutes ago

You mean when I pointed out to all those who said it wouldn't last a month that it was indeed filling up by looking at the sell-out dates, and that they were selling out for months in advance? And then when I started to report that there were months in which there were 'cruises' in which it wasn't sold out, but that didn't give us information as to how full it was or wasn't, so none of us could look at that obscure data point and make declarations of how well it was doing? And then when there were no more sold out dates, how I hoped that would mean they would lower their prices so I would consider going? Your account of what I said and didn't say is wildly inaccurate. Why would you paint such an inaccurate picture? Hmmm? But nice try trying to paint me as some sort of kook. Good day, sir.

MerlinTheGoat23 minutes ago

The Starcruiser you insisted was doing amazingly well for Disney right up to the moment when it was announced they would be shutting it down forever. And the people who were claiming it was having severe financial issues were wrong. I never claimed you said anything about the price. Perhaps you'd prefer "squawk" instead of "woof" though. Have you ever admitted you were wrong and apologized to any of the people you endlessly mocked over this matter by the way? Maybe show a bit of humility? I'm glad I stayed out of THAT mess of a thread at least (as the experience never interested me regardless of what they charged for it), though i've had admitted to being incorrect and apologized to some of the people in this thread about this ride.

MisterPenguin28 minutes ago

You mean the Starcruiser I said was too expensive and never went on? Woof indeed.

Homemade Imagineering42 minutes ago

The original Mondo

MerlinTheGoat57 minutes ago

If it is, then so is "don't believe the haters". I consider it a bit of harmless ribbing that wasn't intended to be so serious. Hence the comment and emote at the end of that paragraph. Drew has always been really nice to everyone. So it's sort of strange to see a comment from him that was somewhat more aggressive. I don't think he was being all that serious, nor was I. My comment about Penguin was more serious, and I stand by it. Regardless of whether the post is deleted or not. He always comes into a thread and defends everything Disney does and then heckles everyone who criticizes them. People who defend unreasonably high prices (which to be honest is pretty much everything Disney sells these days), especially within the context of saying "good, poor people suck and shouldn't be allowed in", deserve to be called out. I didn't name names, just said they exist. I don't think i'm breaking any rules with the statement.

TheCoasterNerd1 hour ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is the kind of thing that rule 3 prohibits, no? 🤔

MerlinTheGoat1 hour ago

I see Drew finally snapped a bit and decided to get a little mean with that NYT comment. He was someone who I previously liked and respected for remaining courteous to everyone, even those who disagreed with his opinions. Not that I REALLY mind much since I think everyone is kind of innately nasty inside and forcing yourself to get along with others who you consider foolish is highly overrated and pretty pointless. :p As for the resident flightless bird, there's just one word to describe how seriously you should take anything he says- Starcruiser. Woof... Except that even the high cost of admission had this bizarre defense force. https://www.businessinsider.com/star-wars-galactic-starcruiser-what-its-like-worth-it-disney-2023-5 There have always been this really idiotic faction of weirdos (on this forum too) who show up whenever there's a general price hike at the parks to say "good, higher prices are awesome, it'll flush away all the riffraff who are beneath superior classes such as myself so that I can enjoy a more exclusive experience with shorter waits". Know what was even less relevant than Splash Mountain? Princess and the Frog before they announced the retheme. By a very wide margin. You know, the thing that Disney themselves considered a big flop and is widely blamed for killing off hand drawn animation for good. And was itself criticized for having its own problematic characters and themes (some of which is still prominently featured in the ride). We all knew these fluff pieces were coming after they saw the feedback on the ride, and they'll keep coming. This was always their inevitable fallback for if/when the ride received a negative reaction too. Try to guilt trip people into forcing them to like it. Except there's a decent chance it may not work this time. The cracks are showing, and a whole lot of people seem to be thinking more critically than normal. We'll see. Kind of interesting to see how things play out in the long run. Got kind of mean with this post, didn't I? Goes to show that i've thoroughly run out of patience with this ride and Disney's BS (and their defense force) overall.

Tha Realest1 hour ago

they wanted relevance…like the fifth highest grossing animated film of 2009 that killed hand drawn animation at Disney forever.

JohnD1 hour ago

A fair review so I would disagree with your characterization of it. I'd lean slightly more negative than positive but he did hit on many of the aspects a lot of us feel could have been done better - spread out the critters, story doesn't make sense, you're looking ahead rather than around at your surroundings, Disney doesn't know how to release a good video.

Figments Friend1 hour ago

Quote from The NY Times article - “We’re always looking at ways to cast a wider net,” Mr. Robledo said. “With the old property, for a variety of reasons, it wasn’t that relevant anymore. It had kind of run its course.” What the fluff….. This comment above just burns me … There was nothing that was ‘not revelant’ or showing any signs of having ‘run its course’ with the former Attraction. 😡 ( Fire breathing dragon mode, tonight….) -

Figments Friend1 hour ago

Also notice how the log is the Disneyland version of the ride vehicle? 😏 -