Stormalong Bay at Disney's Yacht and Beach Club Resorts will reopen later this month

Aug 13, 2020 in "Disney's Beach Club Resort"

Guests staying at Disney's Yacht and Beach Club later this month will be able to enjoy the main feature pool - Stormalong Bay.

Although the resort reopened earlier this summer, Stormalong Bay remained closed, leaving guests to use the quiet pool or Luna Park at the BoardWalk. Stormalong Bay will reopen on August 24 2020.

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Article Posted: Aug 13, 2020 / 12:56pm ET
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MansionButler8417 days ago

I understand the need but HATE the restrictions on borrowing over 50% of points. There’s no demand right now. I’d rather use points ahead and book bigger rooms or more desirable resorts, but not allowed. Boo. But that’s a bit off topic.

monothingie17 days ago

Same boat here with DVC. Under normal circumstances I'd be eating these up. But I'm going to wind up with a bazillion DVC points that I need to burn in the next two years so for right now the PIN offers are just being moved to the trash can.

MansionButler8417 days ago

I’m still searching for the leprechaun... But, I’m DVC. Not much use, I suppose.

monothingie17 days ago

I've gotten 3 different ones since August. Comparable to the AP discounts, but with a lot more inventory to choose from.

Magic Feather17 days ago

I’m assuming that flag is on any resort that isn’t actually open yet. To be honest, the fact that Yacht opened is about all the proof I need that some part of CSR will reopen as it confirmed my “they don’t want to reclose resorts” info

Back!Elbow!Shoulders!17 days ago

I noticed this week that this pops up when I choose CSR for November but doesn’t when I choose POP: Perhaps this isn’t new and/or it could mean nothing but it just seems weird for it to flag for only certain resorts. 🤷🏻‍♀️

MansionButler8417 days ago

PIN offers are ridiculous because you need to find a damn leprechaun and whisper the secret password in its left ear during the Blue Corn Moon in years that are multiples of 7 to get on the list.

monothingie17 days ago

I don't think I've ever gotten more pin offers in the past 2 months.

dreday317 days ago

Any updates to this particular rumor?

MansionButler8425 days ago

Release 40% off deluxes to all and people will show up. Doesn’t help to only offer that to APs while you can’t buy an AP.

ryguy25 days ago

Problem with the deluxe resorts are their price points. Its hard to justify the price when half the stuff is closed. Who are we kidding its hard to justify the prices when the resort is fully open. I would think the value and moderates would have better success attracting guests in this climate.

DVCakaCarlF25 days ago

Happened to me last year when a lady jumped off a ferry boat in seven ferry, no resort launches, no monorail, only about screwed?

Peter Venkman25 days ago

on another board some Poly guests are saying they've been told they are being switched to the Grand Floridan so it looks like that will be opening without delay after the NBA leaves.

JoeCamel25 days ago

They were, no bus it sucked and under the bridge is nasty. But it was years ago so I don't know what it is today. Worst was I had been parked under a light pole when I got back to my car...... it was ugly and I learned where not to ever park no matter what the CM says.