Lobby refurbishment begins at Disney's Beach Club Resort

Jun 20, 2023 in "Disney's Beach Club Resort"

Disney's Beach Club Resort lobby refurbishment - June 19 2023
Posted: Tuesday June 20, 2023 9:43am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Work has begun on the lobby refurbishment at Disney's Beach Club Resort.

Plastic sheeting has been installed in various areas around the lobby.


Although we don't have specific information on the extent of the upcoming lobby changes, we expect that check-in desks will be transformed into individual stations, based on similar lobby renovations that have recently taken place.

The lobby work is planned to be completed by mid-August 2023.

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Richie248Aug 12, 2023

Any photos of the refurbed rooms and when the room refurbishments will be complete? Considering a stay there in December.

SaucyBoyAug 09, 2023

Looking good so far!

DisneyFanatic12Aug 09, 2023

Looks great!

dreday3Jul 19, 2023

Oh wow, that color is soooo much better! (in my opinion)

TuvaluJul 19, 2023

Photo from Monday. Rooms are walled off.

DobergeJul 19, 2023

Photos below are about two weeks old, 7/7. Lobby near Cape May check-in. Workers on second floor. It does appear to be more painting. This was different from initial photos. Bell Services was moved behind construction walls. This was 7/10. Work was also beyond the lobby. This is the wing of rooms onnthe EPCOT side of the shop (exit door to villas walkway is on the left and not effected). I'm unsure if the rooms are in or out of service, but the sign for folks to not use the air conditioned hall to walk through to EPCOT indicate the rooms may not be in service.

DisoneJun 21, 2023

Is that the lobby or the rooms on the second floor?

DobergeJun 21, 2023

We'll be there in two weeks. I'll try to remember to share some photos.

prberkJun 21, 2023

I hope not, but they seem to have forgotten lately how to be immersive in their theming. They seem to have forgotten what distinguished a Walt Disney World hotel from a Marriott.

dreday3Jun 20, 2023

It needs it. We were just there and the wall colors are so drab in the lobby. Yacht Club's lobby is gorgeous.

HauntedPirateJun 20, 2023

Sigh… another lobby that will be blandified and IKEA’d?

Dan DeesneeJun 20, 2023

Yeah that was when we did our first trip with the kids sometime around 2014, September. Wasn't packed like it is now that time of year.

JusticeDisneyJun 20, 2023

For sure.