Walt Disney World's Yacht Club Resort to undergo nearly 6-month-long refurbishment

May 01, 2024 in "Disney's Yacht Club Resort"

Posted: Wednesday May 1, 2024 8:35am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World has announced that the Yacht Club Resort will begin a guest room refurbishment program in early 2025.

The work begins in January 2025 and will last through May 2025. Disney notes that while Guests may see or hear construction work during daytime hours, most resort hotel amenities will remain available.

As part of the refurbishment program, Stormalong Bay at Disney's Yacht and Beach Club Resort in Walt Disney World will also be closed for a six-month period in 2025. This means that the pool area, including the waterslide, lazy river, whirlpool spas, kiddie pools, and tanning deck, will not be accessible during this time.


Disney says that the closure will last through June 2025 and is advising guests that they will continue to be able to use the Tidal, Admiral, and Dune Cove leisure pools.

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pigglewiggle29 days ago

FWIW, AKL seems to be having the floors in the lobby worked on. Watched some videos lately and part of lobby have been roped off.

Eric Graham29 days ago

Here's a breakdown of Disney Hotel's Refurbishments 2024-2025. This article fails to mention DVC updates, though. Hope this helps: https://www.disneytouristblog.com/disney-world-hotel-construction-refurbishment-update/

castlecake2.0May 12, 2024

I lost brain cells reading this article 😂

peter11435May 06, 2024

This refurb isn’t happening sooner. It’s right on schedule.

nicb88May 05, 2024

I wonder if this is much to do with the rooms that allow dogs inside, and whether they require refurb sooner than others?

IanDLBZFMay 04, 2024

The Garden Wing of the Contemporary does have wall to wall carpet in guest rooms.

peter11435May 04, 2024

Not many on the East coast. I know Vero and Riviera do. Grand Floridian and Contemporary have carpet under the beds. I think OKW might have it in the studios still. West coast and Aulani still have lots of carpet

surfsupdonMay 04, 2024

Which Disney Resorts, to this day, still have carpet inside? Any?

peter11435May 04, 2024

The removal of carpet actually aids greatly in this. Carpet is one of the first things that starts to make the rooms look worn and tired.

surfsupdonMay 04, 2024

That’s so true, and yet look how Disney Resorts have conditioned me with their behavior to expect the rooms to look worn and dated for several years first! You really did just open my mind with that single comment.

COProgressFanMay 02, 2024

Of course that's a great goal, but we know that doesn't always happen. Glad to see they're staying on top of it.

peter11435May 01, 2024

The goal is to refurbish the rooms before they look worn and tired.

Weather_LadyMay 01, 2024

Agreed. We stayed at Yacht Club last August (booked what was then standard garden view but got a free upgrade to water view) and our room was beautifully functional, tastefully themed, and had flooring and furnishings that still looked brand new.

surfsupdonMay 01, 2024

Which is wild because Yacht had those ship wheel headboards and low boy white commode from opening year to 2017. Those rooms were dated so fast!!! The new rooms I still think are so well done.