Fan-favorite Stormalong Bay closing for lengthy refurbishment at Disney's Yacht and Beach Club Resort

Aug 23, 2023 in "Disney's Beach Club Resort"

Posted: Wednesday August 23, 2023 2:24pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Stormalong Bay at Disney's Yacht and Beach Club Resort in Walt Disney World will be closed for a five-month refurbishment in 2025.


Disney is giving plenty of advance notice for this pool area refurbishment, which will take place from January 2025 through May 2025.

Stormalong Bay is a 3-acre pool area, featuring one of the highest hotel waterslides at Walt Disney World Resort. A lazy river, 3 whirlpool spas, 2 kiddie pools, and an elevated tanning deck complete the area.

The routine refurbishment will include Stormalong Bay and the Shipwreck.

Disney is advising guests that they will continue to be able to use the Tidal, Admiral, and Dune Cove leisure pools.

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Eric GrahamMar 11, 2024

Was referring to Cake Bake Shop, but nvm...

DHSfanaticMar 09, 2024

May not mean much, but when were staying at the BC last December shortly before Christmas, it was crowded. The couple of times I walked through the YC lobby, it seemed pretty dead.

NelleBelleMar 08, 2024

For our Aug trip, YC was quite a bit cheaper than BW—I’m guessing because BE has updated rooms.

surfsupdonMar 08, 2024

Good to know- thanks!

monothingieMar 08, 2024

Weird. AP pricing Boardwalk is always a couple of bucks lower for comparable rooms.

surfsupdonMar 08, 2024

Check out the listed rack rates. Boardwalk is about $71 more per night during Value Season than its Y/B neighbors. It’s crazy to see.

monothingieMar 08, 2024

I've stayed at Boardwalk 3 times in the past 12 months. The pricing has always been the lowest of the 3 Disney Crescent Lake Resorts and generally has the most availability. It may have been lower when they were doing the most recent round of room renovations.

surfsupdonMar 08, 2024

Not long ago, Yacht/Beach/Boardwalk were all the same price for all similar categories of rooms. Recently, Boardwalk has been increasing their rates at a faster rate than Yacht/Beach.

surfsupdonMar 08, 2024

Every time this pool closes for refurb I get so nervous they will be filling in the deep end. This is the only pool left that has a true deep end!! I am 6'4 and it is well over my head!! I love it.

larryzMar 07, 2024

Uh, it's a SWIMMING POOL. There's always a certain amount of water involved...

larryzMar 07, 2024

Probably so they can install a Disney Skyliner™ link for those who think it's too far to walk, or too uncomfortable to get to the slide line... ;)

SirwalterraleighMar 07, 2024

Dude…Disney can get damn near anything done they want if they want too They also have experience with the central Florida climate

Eric GrahamMar 07, 2024

Construction can take forever. Especially, if there is a lot of rain.

monothingieMar 07, 2024

I'm sure there are assorted reasons why it's dragged out so long. But it's a terrible look. Between Big River Closing and The Cake Shop and the Corn Dog Stand it's a self inflicted wound for Disney.