PHOTOS - Height test balloons over Fantasia Gardens parking lot area

Jan 12, 2016 in "Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf"

Height test balloons over parking lot

Height test balloons were spotted this morning around the Fantasia Gardens mini golf area.

The majority of the balloons were located over the tennis courts that are used by guests of the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort. There were also more balloons at a lower height across the Fantasia Gardens mini golf parking lot area.

Balloons like this are typically used ahead of new construction during the design process to assess how the new construction would impact sight lines from around the resort.

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Article Posted: Jan 12, 2016 / 9:44am EST
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lazyboy97o1 day ago

It’s not the same! There’s a picture of a Disney, Disney•Pixar, Star Wars or Red Logo Superheroes character on the wall!

UNCgolf1 day ago

Which is exactly why this current Disney push makes no sense. If all the theming was removed, there'd be little reason to stay at a Disney hotel. I could just stay at a Disney Springs area Hilton and save a bunch of money.

Lirael1 day ago

If I'm going out of my way to stay inside the Disney bubble and paying 3x the amount I would pay outside of it, clearly there's nothing I want more than to feel like I'm paying extra for the same generic stuff I find anywhere else on the globe.

UNCgolf1 day ago

Not only are they building bland hotels like the Riviera, but they're going out of their way to make the well-themed hotels more generic. It's awful.

Lirael1 day ago

Oh I agree, Disney is 100% at fault for allowing it. As I said they seem to be going through a low effort glass box phase right now. I hate it.

UNCgolf1 day ago

Did you not notice that Disney built the Riviera themselves, which is just as bland and generic as this hotel? Of course they had no issue with this.

TJ Vazquez1 day ago

This hotel should be very nice inside. While the outside does leave something to be desired, it's going to be an Autograph Collection hotel, aimed for conventioneers, so it won't feel like a budget hotel.

Lirael1 day ago

I wish it could have at least followed the color scheme of the rest of the S&D. Ideally it would all look the same, but if Disney has currently some sort of generic glass box kink, c'mon at least go with the same colors. If I didn't see the news here, I would 100% assume this is a new hotel that has nothing to do with Swan and Dolphin, and 100% wouldn't believe this would ever be allowed to be built inside Disney property. Say what you will about the Swan and Dolphin architecture, but at least it has some sort of unique style which in a way fit Disney in its difference. This is so generic. You could place it anywhere in the world and fit. This reminds me of the new Universal hotels. But you know what? At least those are budget for the low effort involved, this won't be.

DCBaker3 days ago

UNCgolf6 days ago

Still looks better than the Riviera (which would also fit in nicely at any random location).

marni19716 days ago

That would look nice at nondescript airport, anywhere.

_caleb6 days ago

I'm going to start calling the Little Mermaid section of AoA "The Reserve at Art of Animation Resort."

DCBaker10 days ago