PHOTOS - Height test balloons over Fantasia Gardens parking lot area

Jan 12, 2016 in "Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf"

Height test balloons over parking lot

Height test balloons were spotted this morning around the Fantasia Gardens mini golf area.

The majority of the balloons were located over the tennis courts that are used by guests of the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort. There were also more balloons at a lower height across the Fantasia Gardens mini golf parking lot area.

Balloons like this are typically used ahead of new construction during the design process to assess how the new construction would impact sight lines from around the resort.

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Article Posted: Jan 12, 2016 / 9:44am EST
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GrandCanyonConcourse5 days ago

Plus it’s 100% finished there 🙃

GimpYancIent5 days ago

Over all unimpressive.

MisterPenguin5 days ago

Will the Reserve charge more for the rooms with that extra one and a half square footage of extra triangular space?

dreday35 days ago

It looks like some windows are open and some are closed. :D

MisterPenguin5 days ago

That skyline looks nothing like you would see in person unless you used binoculars.

TJ Vazquez5 days ago

Yep I’m here now :)

mgf5 days ago

This photo perfectly represents this Disney era's dumpster-fire-of-throwing-standards-to-the-wind-with-out-of-scale-and-poorly-thought-out design work. And that skyline looks like trash.

John park hopper5 days ago

Ugly---ugly duckling(swan) that is not going transform into anything that looks good ----what were they thinking?

techgeek5 days ago

My wife and I were recently driving in from the 429... with the cladding on, this thing is very prominent and dominates the view heading east on BVD over World Drive. Her: “what in the world is THAT ugly thing and when did that show up??” Me: “thats the new Swan and Dolphin tower... they’re calling it the ‘Swan reserve’.” Her: “... but..., it doesn’t look anything like the Swan and Dolphin.” Me: “you’d think someone would have noticed that, wouldn’t you?”

ryguy5 days ago

The whole project is shoehorned into the space. Not sure why they wouldn't tear down fantasia gardens and relocate to another spot.

Sirwalterraleigh6 days ago

.. it depends on how hot the party is jamming?? ...when it’s the middle of summer and the pool closes at 10 🤔

MisterPenguin6 days ago

I guess four isn't enough!

Rteetz6 days ago

Swan and Dolphin basically share that whole pool complex though.

TJ Vazquez6 days ago

Well apparently it’s still on but just delayed until this opens so they will have the Swan pool and this one but we shall see.