PHOTOS - Height test balloons over Fantasia Gardens parking lot area

Jan 12, 2016 in "Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf"

Height test balloons over parking lot
Posted: Tuesday January 12, 2016 9:44am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Height test balloons were spotted this morning around the Fantasia Gardens mini golf area.

The majority of the balloons were located over the tennis courts that are used by guests of the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort. There were also more balloons at a lower height across the Fantasia Gardens mini golf parking lot area.

Balloons like this are typically used ahead of new construction during the design process to assess how the new construction would impact sight lines from around the resort.

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TikibirdLand4 days ago

That paint job reminds me of the Fukushima Reactor

DCBaker6 days ago

Another update -

DCBaker6 days ago

MisterPenguin15 days ago

It's such a relief to know where the resort's chiller is. Also, for reference, full screen map:

kevlightyear15 days ago

Swan Reserve has been added to the map

TJ Vazquez15 days ago

So the Swan and Dolphin are excluded, huh. That boggles my mind if true, being on property vs. the Hilton properties being on the outskirts of the parks.

DCBaker15 days ago

That was the previous version... "Please note: The Extra Magic Hours benefit was suspended when Walt Disney World Resort reopened last summer, and as we continue to manage attendance with health and safety top of mind, Extra Magic Hours will not return." Here is a link to the new one -

TJ Vazquez15 days ago Here ya go!

FrenchDisney198515 days ago

Do you have a link to confirm this? Booked in dolphin next year so keeping an eye on developments. Thanks in advance

TJ Vazquez16 days ago

Disney clarified their original release. They are part of the early entry perk now.

wdwmagic17 days ago

Walt Disney World Swan Reserve Hotel offers a new wedding venue with spectacular views of the Walt Disney World Resort

aliceismad18 days ago

It's fine. It's better than I expected. I actually would rather look at this than the Swan or Dolphin, but they don't go together at all. If that matters. Which I guess it doesn't. I'm sure the inside will be nice; it looks nice. The pool looks boring and small though.

RSoxNo118 days ago

Why isn't Edna Mode an integral part of the decor? HOW IS THIS DISNEY?

DCBaker19 days ago