Winter Summerland to reopen, Fantasia Gardens to close for the season

Oct 06, 2020 in "Winter Summerland Mini Golf"

Posted: Tuesday October 6, 2020 5:22pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World is switching its mini golf line-up in November.

The currently closed Winter Summerland will reopen on November 6 2020, with the currently operating Fantasia gardens closing on November 5. Both courses at Winter Summerland will be operating through January 30 2021.

Fantasia Gardens will reopen on January 31 2021.

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RyboFlavinOct 08, 2020

I agree. The last time I played was in Sept. 2019 and I even took a few pictures because I was surprised that they would have let parts of it deteriorate so much. There were several holes that had ripped & worn carpet. Other decorations weren't working, like the white grates, which at one time, had bubbling water which you needed to putt through. I can only imagine the current condition if f they haven't done anything since then.

dreamfinderOct 08, 2020

Winter Summerland has been open when Blizzard Beach has been closed in the winter. So it's not totally unheard of.

Notes from NeverlandOct 07, 2020

These pavilions were demolished for the Swan Reserve (formerly The Cove) hotel project.

LilofanOct 07, 2020

When we were there last the Fantasia pavilion next door where conventions used to be at looked in rough shape also.

TrainsOfDisneyOct 07, 2020

With nba and water parks closed, is this a trick to not refund certain passes / tickets? On the other hand, I’m sure they won’t be running extra busses, just adding a stop to existing routes. So they are really only paying to staff the course.

wdwmagicOct 07, 2020

Winter Summerland will close again in January as Fantasia reopens.

danlb_2000Oct 07, 2020

I am surprised that the mini-golf is doing enough business to make it work running buses to it.

Club CooloholicOct 07, 2020

So, are they going to run buses to Winter/Summer or more likely they will just make a stop on the way to and from AK?

MUTZIE77Oct 07, 2020

I hope they take the down time for Fantasia Gardens and give it some love. It was in pretty rough shape when I was there last November.

wdwmagicOct 06, 2020

Not that I know of, it is close but isn't planned to be removed or anything.

Parker in NYCOct 06, 2020

That's what I was thinking. Also, I love Fantasia Gardens and sincerely hope nothing else is afoot. Yes, I see the reopening date, I just pray this won't be our hippo and crocodile's last dance. Last chance... for love.

castlecake2.0Oct 06, 2020

I wonder if this will coincide with the start of whatever holiday offerings are coming this year.

TrainsOfDisneyOct 06, 2020

Is Fantasia closed / needing to close soon because of swan construction? It seems odd to choose the one further away from anything that’s open.