Disney's Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf closing for refurbishment

Aug 30, 2018 in "Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf"

Posted: Thursday August 30, 2018 7:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Gardens course at Disney's Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf will be closed Tuesday September 4 through Friday September 28 for refurbishment.

The Fantasia course will remain open during the refurbishment, as will the Winter Summerland courses near Blizzard Beach.

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Scoots71Sep 04, 2018

It definitely needs it. I played there last November, and it looked a little worse for wear. Was still a fun time though.

geekzaSep 04, 2018

No. Either I missed it or the original article didn't have exact dates when I looked at it. Probably the former.

Ripken10Sep 04, 2018

Am I missing something...if you are going in November, you can still go to the course. The article says it will be open again by then...

YorkshireTSep 04, 2018

I played the Gardens course and of July : 1. Big puddles not draining away. Made play after rain very difficult. 2. Looked surprisingly scruffy, course dirty/ stained, bits of trash and leaves all over. 3. Some of interactive elements not working. I wouldn't have been too happy if paying out all that money for 4, but I get a UK 14 day super dooper ticket as I call it for about $450 which includes absolutely everything including golf . They sent me a survey after asking about it and I said it needed a refurb.

KnightRoninSep 02, 2018

My wife and I played a game at the Gardens a couple of months ago, but we had some minor issues. It definitely needs a minor refurb. It was a LOT of fun, but some of the animated elements were not working -- including the Chernabog appearance in the tunnel.

412Aug 30, 2018

Per Disney, the two courses are the Fantasia Gardens course and the Fantasia Fairways course. I played the Fantasia Fairways course last week, which was in good shape. It did look like the adjoining Fantasia Gardens course (which was significantly busier) could use a refurbishment, so this is good news.

GhostHost1000Aug 30, 2018

not sure why Disney doesn't build another mini-golf course.. maybe somewhere in Disney Springs (indoors even?)

disneyflushAug 30, 2018

Has anyone checked on Dave Hartmann since the news came out?

HauntedPirateAug 30, 2018

Mini-golf at Fantasia Gardens is tickling my fancy right now. I wonder if I could convince the family to squeeze in a quick round in January after our cruise but before we need to head to MCO... :)

Biff215Aug 30, 2018

I think the Fairways course is known as Gardens. I think this is only down in September so you should be good. Hopefully this is further confirmation that we won’t lose these courses when the new Swolphin tower is built next door.

geekzaAug 30, 2018

Well, phooey. I had never been there, but I enjoy a good game of putt-putt and thought about giving it a try in November. Oh, well. Things require upkeep and refurbishment, so no big deal.

worldfanaticAug 30, 2018

Did they change a name? Which one is the fairways course? The article only mentioned a garden course, and a Fantasia course.