The Gardens Course at Fantasia Miniature Golf closing for refurbishment during May 2022

Apr 11, 2022 in "Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf"

Posted: Monday April 11, 2022 2:05pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Gardens Course at Fantasia Miniature Golf is planned to close for refurbishment during May 2022 at Walt Disney World.

The closure will begin May 9 through May 22 2022, with a reopening to guests on May 23 2022. Refurbishment work includes replacing the playing surface and tees.

During the closure of the Gardens Course, the Fairways Course at Fantasia Miniature Golf and the two courses at Winter Summerland near Blizzard Beach will remain open as normal.

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PatchesleeApr 18, 2022

Depends what you consider driving distance, closest to us we would visit is a 45 minute drive and part of go-cart park. The one in town is another go-cart place, but questionable upkeep.

Nubs70Apr 17, 2022

$60 for Genie+?

JIMINYCRApr 17, 2022

Our WDW trips most of the time are for 2 weeks so we can do a variety of things on and off property. We can fit in 2 days or more for each park. Towards the end of our 2 weeks we have done just about everything we wanted to do so then we fit in the mini golf courses where DS and I have our competitions. We have only one mini golf course in our area and its always packed, so we rarely visit. WDW courses are a great added family experience we never miss out on.

SteveAZeeApr 16, 2022

LOL, well for the last two years I think I've eaten at a restaurant nearly as many times as I've played mini golf. ;)

ShookieJonesApr 16, 2022

Yes I get that, but with that being said. You HAVE to eat, you don’t HAVE to play mini golf.

bdearl41Apr 14, 2022

Greensboro? I used to love playing those putt putts. Particularly the one on HP road.

UNCgolfApr 13, 2022

I live in Atlanta and don't know of a single mini-golf spot anywhere near the city other than a couple of Puttshacks, which aren't really the same thing. They do involve mini-golf, but they're indoors with a bar and food and really targeted at adults who want to play a game while they drink. When I was a kid growing up in a decent sized city in NC, there were a couple of Putt-Putt locations but they've all closed. I think the only place left there for mini-golf is a big center with an arcade, go-karts, bumper boats, etc. that's a major birthday party spot for kids. I really only see mini-golf places when I'm at a beach.

SteveAZeeApr 13, 2022

The point for me is, it's a matter of degree.... from where 'home' is, what you're expecting from a restaurant or mini-golf, what your personal preferences are... and the well known 'location location location'. You found it amazing that people mini-golf at Disney. I'm simply trying to provide legitimate context as to why some people would. Those reasons may not apply to you.

Texas84Apr 13, 2022

To be fair, I'm kind of in Hicksville. The nearest one is about an hour away.

jasminethecatApr 13, 2022

This is one of the few threads where I can honestly agree with everyone here, except the posts saying "well if you have at home why do you need to at Disney?" I feel like some of us are blessed with decent mini-golf in our hometowns and I feel sorry for those who are not so fortunate. I did google images of the courses and I admit they look fantastic, and if I am ever able to get into WDW for a longer stay (longer than a week) I will definitely consider playing a round. That's my best offer!

Grumpy4196Apr 13, 2022

I drive to WDW (5.5 hours). Does that count as driving distance? If so, then yes.

WorldExplorerApr 13, 2022

That reminds me; is Jack-in-the-box Mickey SUPPOSED to always be popped up at that one hole towards the end of Winter Summerland ("not a creature was stirring, except a...")? Or is it supposed to open and pop up when you do something specific? Playing through that course, I kept thinking "is there supposed to be an effect here?".

DisneysonApr 13, 2022

I hope they restore some of the inconsistent effects (Chernabog in Bald Mountain, the water effects, and the topiaries). The worst part is how the actual gardens of Fantasia Gardens have been sorely neglected. They need some love.

ShookieJonesApr 13, 2022

I am getting a bit of an education about the scarcity of mini-golf courses here today! Seeing how many folks don't have these within driving distance let alone spitting distance of their homes is enlightening and does shine a bit of light on the sheer novelty of them to some folks! Taking that into consideration I can think of a couple of one offs I've done at WDW that aren't necessarily uncommon to all that I did partake in because of the WDW location and novelty of it for me. I guess I can sort of get the appeal. Based on new evidence submitted by fellow posters.....I PARTIALLY retract my statement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!