Disney's top executives arrive at Walt Disney World for a global retreat

Oct 18, 2022 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Tuesday October 18, 2022 8:30am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Leaders from the Walt Disney Company are arriving at Walt Disney World this week as part of a global retreat.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek, Disney Parks Experiences and Products Chairman Josh D'Amaro and executives from Walt Disney Imagineering are among those visiting the resort.

The Disney executives will be touring the property throughout the week, seeing everything new and upcoming.

While details of the visit remain private, future plans for the Walt Disney World resort will likely be on the agenda. The additions to Disney's Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom teased at D23 Expo are likely top of the list.

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matt9112Nov 13, 2022

I think perspective matters….very old motel style resort……brand new massive tower…. The resort has the same problem as all the moderates it’s too big and spread out. You feel like you walk miles to get to anything. Unless of course your in the tower looking down at the peasantry.

LilofanNov 13, 2022

Wild thought, to save Disney money, execs fly coach instead of first class moving forward.

DisorbustNov 13, 2022

My daughter goes this week to the conference. Half her team went last week. It will be interesting how they tap dance around the layoff news.

drizgirlNov 13, 2022

Oh you thought that applied to THEM?

Casper GutmanNov 13, 2022

I wish they had retreated farther.

bcoachableNov 13, 2022

Interesting they would all travel to this event - then chapek a week or so later specifically mentions no more company travel for meetings & that all meetings should now be done by zoom….

LilofanNov 12, 2022

Wild guess, the exec retreat at WDW was planning for the eventual company layoffs ?

ToTBellHopOct 24, 2022

I rather enjoyed the new one. It’s hard not to—the two narrators are very charming.

CompedOct 24, 2022

Both cases. They lobbied, possibly paid, to update from the 1st version to Martin Short's version, and by the time it was aging (rather badly), they heavily lobbied (and finacned much of) the new one, which notably, is less comedic than the one it replaced. At least so I was told.

mightynineOct 23, 2022

Oh, right. Great point. The new film’s only been around for less than three years and has had its location taken over I can’t recall how many times, so a flop it is! Better shove another place to extract money in there because it’s not like people already paid to get in the place to enjoy some attractions! Heck, let’s strip Spaceship Earth down and put one of those conveyer belt sushi places in there instead! And we can repurpose the theatre in China and make it a quick service egg roll shop! See, they’re both round and the food offered there is round - there’s that Disney thought put into the theme yet again! …. I’m think I’m in the mood for Chinese or Asian food or something.

LilofanOct 23, 2022

If it wasn’t successful at Epcot, more exec decisions like more food and bev options , festivals, events would not be increasing.

mightynineOct 23, 2022

Assuming the sky in yours is the same color as mine, which part of the process are we talking about here: building a theme park, a themed land, an attraction for said land, or the building of tall-top tables that are shoved into an existing attraction for another food and beverage location in a park that positively stuffed with them?

LilofanOct 23, 2022

No just stating a reality.

Disstevefan1Oct 23, 2022

Since China is TWDC’s best business partner. I am sure the refurbishment of the China 360 is going forward. Besides, it’s a movie, it requires only a few cast members to operate it on a daily basis.