Disney Parks head Josh D'Amaro shares Zootopia and Moana Blue Sky concepts for Disney's Animal Kingdom

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Dinoland U.S.A. Blue Sky Concept Art
Posted: Sunday September 11, 2022 2:56pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

DinoLand U.S.A. at Disney's Animal Kingdom may be about to get a major overhaul, according to Disney Parks chairman Josh D'Amaro.

In his D23 Expo presentation today, Josh shared that Imagineering is looking at Zooptopia and Moana as a new IP for the park.

The Blue Sky rendering shows a new spinner ride, and a log-flume ride.

"Blue Sky" concepts refer to projects that are being considered with preliminary design ideas, but have not reached the stage of being green-lit for actual construction. 

DinoLand U.S.A. is made up of the thrill ride Dinosaur and Triceratops Spin kids' ride. The Primeval Whirl coaster is now closed and the ride has been demolished, freeing up land for a new development. Dinosaur itself has frequently been associated with various re-Imagining projects that use the existing ride system but with a new story and IP. It appears Disney may now be considering a complete makeover of the entire land.

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_caleb1 hour ago

There goes my second-favorite conspiracy theory then.

Brer Panther2 hours ago

Well, actually, I have seen people on here complain that Splash Mountain didn't fit in Frontierland (even before everyone online turned on the attraction). Either one of these would be a far better choice for Animal Kingdom than Zootopia or Moana.

J45462 hours ago

In all seriousness I've never seen zootopia but the new land is looking pretty cool in Shanghai.

Magicart872 hours ago

Tiana Mountain enters the chat.

ToTBellHop2 hours ago

I’ve used one account here for like 21 years…

_caleb2 hours ago

I was speculating that maybe what seemed like a sudden and complete change in opinion may be due to a single member logging in and out of multiple accounts they use to argue different sides of a subject.

ToTBellHop3 hours ago

Excuse me?

_caleb4 hours ago

Maybe they thought they were logged into a different one of their accounts when they posted that.

Magic Feather5 hours ago

Honestly, I'm struggling to reckon with the optics of a Zootopia attraction acting as a retheme of Dinosaur, even putting aside all of the concerns with it fitting cohesively into DAK. The EMV ride system is best used to convey a sense of danger and urgency, and really the only way I can think that they'd be able to get a sense of urgency out of a Zootopia storyline is with the focus being on the Zootopia Police Department, which, at least given how divisive police forces have been as of late in the US, I'd be surprised if Disney went for it. Even putting that aside, using a thrill ride system for an IP that is most popular with younger kids feels even more short sighted. It just comes off as a really odd fit.

lazyboy97o5 hours ago

If theme is just something that can change whenever for whatever then there is no point to it. That’s not actually a theme, it’s just whatever. There’s no reason to bother.

ToTBellHop6 hours ago

I think you are giving them a bit more credit for ITTBAB than is reasonable while being unreasonably harsh on a ride we know just about nothing about. But, I agree the discussion has grown tiresome and more than a little judgmental.

Rich Brownn8 hours ago

Rich Brownn8 hours ago

Let's see - we have bugs talking about how some spray acid, how important they are to pollination, etc. They aren't wearing clothes, driving to the DMV, living in a city, etc. If you can't see the difference between the two, I'll put it like this: The bugs in A Bugs Life are bugs. The animals in Zootopia are essentially human. If you can't tell the difference, there is no hope in even bothering continuing this discussion.

jkh366198 hours ago

If you dont understand that bugs don't really particiate in traveling circus', it is you who is missing the obvious.