Disney's Next CEO: Kevin Mayer Hints Bob Iger's Successor Will Be Revealed Soon

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Posted: Friday June 21, 2024 8:45am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

In a recent interview with Yahoo Finance, Kevin Mayer, Candle Media co-founder and former Disney executive, shared insights into Disney CEO Bob Iger's ongoing succession planning.

Mayer, an advisor to Iger, also provided a glimpse into whether the current Disney boss may make one more big move before his planned departure at the end of 2026.

Mayer believes that the company is well-prepared for a smooth transition this time around. "Bob's there for two and a half more years. There's plenty of time," Mayer stated. He highlighted what he believes is a strong management team already in place: "They have a very, very solid management team across the board."

There are four internal candidates reportedly in the running for the Disney CEO role, which Iger occupied from 2005 to 2020 before his return in November 2022: Dana Walden and Alan Bergman, co-chiefs of the entertainment division; Josh D'Amaro, head of the parks division; and Jimmy Pitaro, chairman of ESPN.

As for the timeline, Mayer indicated that an announcement might come sooner rather than later. "We may know this year, but he's got two and a half more years, so it wouldn't surprise me if it extended a little bit beyond this calendar year," he said.

Speaking of the future, one of the intriguing aspects of Mayer's comments was the hint at Iger possibly making another significant strategic move before his departure. "Do I think he wants to do one more big thing before he leaves? Possibly." Mayer speculated. This raises the question of what kind of legacy-defining move Iger might still be considering, especially given his history of transformative acquisitions like Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and 21st Century Fox.

You can see the full interview at Yahoo Finance.

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TrainsOfDisney1 day ago

Strangely enough I may not disagree with Iger on that. If it was my company, I would have offered a completely different product. Keep the Disney Vault rotation to eliminate churn and don’t invest too heavily on “direct to streaming” Only release items from the Disney brand onto the platform. (I would include Pixar and Muppets in that brand). And charge more. The goal being to charge more and appeal only to the core fans who won’t churn.

Serpico Jones1 day ago

Sirwalterraleigh12 days ago

He had no savvy… Was not a good executive Was never close to qualified for that job So here’s the thing…who’s to blame? It’s a little room behind a door that loves themselves. And their leader at that time. It was never up to chapek to say “hey…I suck…this job is gonna eat me up”

Disstevefan112 days ago

Lilofan13 days ago

Chapek got off cheap. Ovitz approx 30 years ago walked away from Disney with over $100M.

JoeCamel13 days ago

And he walked with 23M. Reward for poor performance is part of the problem with the company

BrianLo13 days ago

I listed a bunch of them. There was major issues brought up on his streaming targets. India spending and rights flubs were his own. We've now had an Indian arm write off. We had it raised in that article how Iger and Chapek butted heads over these streaming targets. This mostly directly led to the pump (2021) and dump (2022) of the stock and invited Peltz in the door. Lake Nona was his own, this lead to WDI brain drain. Problems with talent was his own (we've all see how stilted and dorky Chapek is on stage, Iger is generally more collected and conniving). Kareem Daniel's reporting structure was Chapek and one of his crew. Everyone in the Studios flagged issues with this structure, including Iger as he left the door. Slashing all of the parks budget was his own (though I can't honestly say Iger would have done differently). Chapek put the pedal to the metal on D+ output and that we can indirectly say lead to a lot of studio problems, particularly in the case of Marvel. Iger has always, always, always been a less is more content guy. He's doing it again right now. Just look at how many major studios Iger had under his belt by 2019 and Disney still was the company putting out the least amount of product. Chapek made some bad theatrical evasion choices to prop up D+. Maybe Iger has the benefit of hindsight on this one, so I'll call that another who knows difference. Then of course Florida led to national brand damage. Iger sweeps things under the rug.

TrainsOfDisney13 days ago

The only major thing he did was make a political statement too loud after refusing to make a quiet political statement to keep the artists content. I don’t think he handled anything else much different than Iger - but I’m willing to learn if he did?

Sirwalterraleigh13 days ago

So sounds like some shared responsibility then?

Disstevefan113 days ago

It’s hard for me to imagine it happening, but If Universal takes the title from the MK, it will tracked back to this mistake right here. I say it’s hard to imagine, but I am seeing all sorts of things around me happening that I couldn’t imagine could happen.

BrianLo13 days ago

Operationally, I mean. Iger signed off on it, Chapek brought it to stage in 2019 after all. But functionally and operationally I doubt Iger could tell us coherently how FP+ even worked to begin with.

Sirwalterraleigh13 days ago

There is zero way that plan wasn’t on the books. They didn’t throw it together from scratch in a year. Microsoft couldn’t do that…Disney IT sure as hell couldn’t. The seeds for that were planted years before. Bossman approved it. Probably just accelerated a year or two

Sirwalterraleigh13 days ago

They misread the Covid market and financial conditions… Should have followed Comcast and built and instead they started red lining things. Big mistake. But ole Bob was “senior creative director”…or whatever the hell at that time. Wouldn’t give up his office. He couldn’t override Chapek? That dog don’t hunt. And…member when Bob came back to save in 2022? He said “they went to far” on park tactics… And they have intensified since. It’s a clown show.

BrianLo13 days ago

I don't disagree, which is why if you look under the hood the parks spending abruptly stopped the second he took over. Some of that is forgivable, I don't mind them thinking the world was ending for a hot second there. Parks spending was 'good' from 2016 - 2019. He definitely slashed it on promotion. We're still very much living in the aftermath of that. I think lower lying fruit though like Genie/Genie+ are all on him. Iger may have been writing the cheques at the later stages, but Chapek was making the latter bad decisions.