'Beyond Big Thunder Mountain' Blue Sky concept revealed for Magic Kingdom

Sep 11, 2022 in "Magic Kingdom"

Beyond Big Thunder Mountain Blue Sky concept art
Posted: Sunday September 11, 2022 3:07pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

In the final moments of the Disney Parks D23 panel, Chairman Josh D'Amaro revealed plans for a new "Beyond Big Thunder Mountain" Blue Sky concept.

The new land, behind Big Thunder Mountain at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, would include Disney animation IPs including Coco, Encanto and villains.

Here is a look at the art.

"Blue Sky" concepts refer to projects that are being considered with preliminary design ideas, but have not reached the stage of being green-lit for actual construction. Disney has a long history of Blue Sky concepts that have never made it to reality, so it remains unclear if the "Beyond Big Thunder Mountain" project will proceed, and what may be included in a final version. What is clear though, is that Magic Kingdom needs additional capacity, and Disney looks to be marking the area behind Big Thunder Mountain as the next expansion pad.

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Magicart878 hours ago

They really are. Definitely not as good as they could/should have been. Railway especially. And that's coming from a fan of the modern Mickey shorts. Rat is successful but still lacking. I think the tech is fine they just haven't done it justice yet. *If Coco were to go trackless, I feel like the "black box" concept of a projection/screen-based setup would actually work well. Visually, the subject matter, especially the Day of the Dead sequences nearly hearken back to the days of "Laff in the Dark" rides with UV florescence scenes, painted flats and swinging doors. It's the same vibe. The Alebrijes especially have that traditional glowy quality. Because of that style and because it hasn't been explored yet in a trackless system, I think it has the potential to create something more intimate, more nostalgic. I think if WDI were to explore that aspect, they'd have a compelling attraction or at least something that doesn't feel like riding around in a wide-open warehouse as is typical of most LPS rides.

fgmnt8 hours ago

Frozen Ever After is Iger’s historic myopia towards the park and general risk aversion made manifest.

TrainsOfDisney9 hours ago

Every animated Disney movie should have a disclaimer at this point… certainly Moana should as well.

Brer Panther9 hours ago

Please, no more screen-based trackless dark rides. Runaway Railway and Ratatouille are bad enough. Somebody on this site did a pitch for an Aladdin dark ride where the "Friend Like Me" sequence was represented by the riders going inside the Genie's lamp. If they ever actually did an Aladdin dark ride, I think they should totally do that. Tamatoa WOULD make a pretty cool animatronic... with our luck, though, they'd probably just have him on a screen. Ah, jeez, you make a good point. They put a disclaimer in front of it on Disney Plus... they probably consider it too problematic to build an attraction for. I wonder if this'll affect Jafar's presence in the hypothetical villains' land.

yensidtlaw196913 hours ago

I believe it's meant to be the latter

WaltWiz190113 hours ago

While it's inevitable that some things would be cloned every now and then, as I've said in another thread, I would argue that every castle park needs at least one or two exclusive major draws to call their own. The Magic Kingdom, in its current state, is lacking on that front, especially when its closest comparison - a park that started out cloning a lot of its DNA - now has four, soon to be five, unique major attractions (or takes on attractions) to itself. The average vacationer wouldn't care one way or another, the more fanatical parkgoer would have another incentive to take the pilgrimage. Everyone wins! It's especially evident when most of the international resorts have gotten or will get more thematically fitting mini-lands devoted to Frozen and they had a perfectly fine alternate concept to use without tainting EPCOT's soul. For the film that dethroned The Lion King as the highest grossing animated feature film, they should've shot for the moon and given New Fantasyland the major attraction it sorely yearned for

MerlinTheGoat13 hours ago

If these diagrams were ever intended to be used with the Splash Mtn looking idea seen in the original AK concept art, then presumably the boats would have to be able to dynamically connect and disconnect to that rocking mechanism. Otherwise I would figure a big drop like that would be fairly impossible.

DisneyDean9713 hours ago

But is the whole ride the boat parked in front of a dome screen, and moves like an EMV ? or can it be a traditional flume too, and then go into a room with the dome screen, do its sequence and then move out of the dome screen?

EPCOT-O.G.13 hours ago

Frozen 2 while not as “good” in the eyes of many did not bomb in any way whatsoever, though.

KDM3109113 hours ago

Exactly. I want new and exciting and “risky” attractions for the biggest expansion ever done to the park. That’s the only way to really excite me.

Advisable Joseph13 hours ago

There is this discussion about the Little Mermaid show at Hollywood Studios.

Brer Oswald13 hours ago

Right. I was hoping for ambitious risk taking projects that add visual diversity to the park. I'm not sold on Villains based on concept alone, but it still fits this description and could pay off MASSIVELY. I'm hesitant towards Cars and Moana (and Coco to a much lesser extent). Too safe. Too uniform. Too predictable. Not "otherworldy" enough.

KDM3109114 hours ago

I hope the rumors of Radiator Springs are not true, as this is a huge project and probably the biggest MK will ever see anytime in the foreseeable future. I don’t want clones. Give us brand new things. I agree Aladdin deserves more than a spinner and some more true water rides where you can cool off would be great too.

Brer Oswald14 hours ago

You're preaching to the choir about Splash. I maintain the belief that it should not have been "removed" when there are dozens of attractions not up to par with guest expectations. As fans, we either choose to live with it, or we start vacationing elsewhere. While I still love WDW (and intend to visit when there are deals), the latter is becoming easier to do given the lacklustre additions as of late (and the ones in the pipeline). I was hoping for some more interesting stuff with this expansion, but it seems they are going the "predictable" route. Absolutely. That ride should not have gone in that pavillion. Maelstrom was in need of a major update, but the path they chose was incredibly lame and safe.