'Beyond Big Thunder Mountain' Blue Sky concept revealed for Magic Kingdom

Sep 11, 2022 in "Magic Kingdom"

Beyond Big Thunder Mountain Blue Sky concept art
Posted: Sunday September 11, 2022 3:07pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

In the final moments of the Disney Parks D23 panel, Chairman Josh D'Amaro revealed plans for a new "Beyond Big Thunder Mountain" Blue Sky concept.

The new land, behind Big Thunder Mountain at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, would include Disney animation IPs including Coco, Encanto and villains.

Here is a look at the art.

"Blue Sky" concepts refer to projects that are being considered with preliminary design ideas, but have not reached the stage of being green-lit for actual construction. Disney has a long history of Blue Sky concepts that have never made it to reality, so it remains unclear if the "Beyond Big Thunder Mountain" project will proceed, and what may be included in a final version. What is clear though, is that Magic Kingdom needs additional capacity, and Disney looks to be marking the area behind Big Thunder Mountain as the next expansion pad.

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McMickeyWorld30 days ago

I hope they bring shows like these to Villain's Land and these bad boys

ToTBellHopSep 20, 2023

Narrator: “But, he did not yet know about COVID-26…”

Captain BarbossaSep 20, 2023

Man, your optimism is off the charts! 🤣

ToTBellHopSep 20, 2023

With the bear removed, this can really kick into gear so phase 1 can open in 2032.

SpectreJordanSep 20, 2023

I imagine Maleficent would be the "star" of a villains land since she's always front & center in their merch/promos.

maleficentfanSep 18, 2023

It kills me that Sleeping Beauty has almost zero representation in any of the parks beyond either a meet-and-greet or appearances in parades or nighttime spectaculars. Magic Kingdom at Disneyland has a walkthrough attraction in Sleeping Beauty castle. Other than that, that's it. And Maleficent's appearances have been dwindling for years, now basically just relegated to FOF and Fantasmic. That could all be easily fixed with a huge Villain's expansion. That's pretty much the shortlist. I think, if I had to downsize, I'd go with the following as must haves: 1. Maleficent 2. Evil Queen 3. Chernabog 4. Scar 5. Hades 6. Ursula 7. Jafar 8. Dr. Facilier 9. Cruella Also, the way I'd love to see this land designed is like the way the Evil Queen's land is in the PC game Villains' Revenge There's lots of potential here for a much needed expansion AND much needed representation of the Villains back into MK besides at Halloween during the parties.

SteamboatJoeSep 18, 2023

"First thing to be done is get rid of that bear. He's gumming up the whole project." -The Beyond Big Thunder Design Team Today (9/18/23)

MagicHappens1971Sep 17, 2023

I think this would be a colossal mistake. Fantasmic is a FANTASTIC Show that has great GSAT scores. They can expand backstage behind RnRC/Sunset Blvd, Animation Courtyard and into the parking lot on the Muppets side. Leave the Hollywood Hills Ampitheatre alone

SpectreJordanSep 17, 2023

I'd be down for that but I say put a ride or two in Fantasmic's spot at DHS. They can do a more traditional fireworks show at the theater for DHS's nightime show.

SpectreJordanSep 17, 2023

I wish it was more educational. The movie was educational... atleast for its time. Villains Land being inspired by Diagon is a fantastic idea. I just hope they'd have more than one ride in it. I'm mixed on that idea tbh. On one hand, I do like how MK doesn't have any lands based on a single IP. But Radiator Springs would fit really well with the Americana theme of Magic Kingdom. Yeah, I'd want it to be in that open space between Mexico & Norway. The main pavillion should be untouched.

James AlucobondSep 17, 2023

There’s enough there, even with just their core villains. They could do it, even if I don’t think they should, by essentially dividing them by “habitat” and theming areas accordingly. So something along the lines of ... Usurper's Court | Evil Queen, Queen of Hearts, Maleficent, Jafar Shadow Alley | Cruella, Gaston, Gothel, Dr. Facilier Blackwood Forest | Scar, the crocodile, Kaa, the Sheriff of Nottingham Mythcleft Mountain | Chernabog, Hades, Madam Mim, the Horned King The Depths | Ursula, Hook, Monstro, the giant squid Mad Circus | Honest John, Ringmaster Again, I don't think they should do this as I feel it would be pretty oppressive if extended out into an entire park, but it's possible. I just think it's probably more novel if contained to a single land.

999th Happy HauntSep 17, 2023

Universal is building this right now lol

Rosso11Sep 17, 2023

Yes there is plenty of room behind the Norway bathrooms and meet and greets for a Coco attraction. However, the Mexico pavilion itself could not handle another ride. It’s already very common to have lines to just enter the pavilion. The entrance would need to be outside to the right. It would require some adjustments but it can be done. I’m sure Disney is looking at this option. To me it makes the most sense.

aladdin2007Sep 17, 2023

They cant go back further really and they cant expand the Mexico building to the right (a, its san angels kitchen etc on the that side) (b, yes the Norway addition can go away) but required access roads between the pavilion pads.