'Water Park and Sports Option' ticket add-on now available

Feb 27, 2020 in "Ticket - Magic Your Way Ticket"

Posted: Thursday February 27, 2020 11:37am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

A new 'Water Park and Sports Option' ticket add-on gives access to water parks, mini-golf, NBA Experience and more.

The 'Water Park and Sports Option', available as an add-on to select theme park tickets for $70 plus tax, allows guests to choose between Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon or Disney’s Blizzard Beach, The NBA Experience, attending events at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex and Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course, FootGolf at Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course, Disney’s Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf Course or Disney’s Winter Summerland Miniature Golf Course.

The total number of admissions you receive with this option is based on the length of your theme park ticket. For example, with a 3-day ticket that includes the Water Park and Sports Option, you will receive three visits to any of these locations. You can use all your admissions on the same day or repeat the same experience across multiple days.

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ObobruFeb 28, 2020

Just checked my WDW app as it's full of old none expiry tickets which added a few years ago when I converted a load of old paper tickets. The 10 day none expiry with 10 water park days were great I have a number of them with various amounts of days left, shame the app doesn't show how many plus days are left just the main days.

Cmdr_CrimsonFeb 28, 2020

Plus it gave you access to the Clubs at PI..

SirwalterraleighFeb 27, 2020

What I’m saying is in the past those didn’t expire and it’s frankly stupid for them to now as well...in case of the water parks. I still have pluses on an old ticket or two somewhere Ok...in ticket speak, that means you have till the predefined window to use it. If it’s 7 days, it would not matter what order you use...it activates on day one and expires 7 days later...you could go park, water, park, water, etc...go water, water, park, park, etc...park, park, park, water, etc.

Club CooloholicFeb 27, 2020

So I went to Undercover Tourist to see how it is worded...I am still confused. Here is the example if you buy the 4 Park Magic Ticket(cant visit a park, like MK, more than one day) Ticket expires 7 days after the start date and must be used by September 30, 2020. Your water park and NBA Experience visits may not be used prior to the start date of this ticket or after the end date of this ticket.

Club CooloholicFeb 27, 2020

I understand it expires eventually, what I was wondering is, do the waterpark and sports admissions expire the day you use your last park day or can you use them within the last few days of that last park day as you could with park hopper plus?

SirwalterraleighFeb 27, 2020

I would think no...remember they stripped all no expiration benefits a number of years ago Edit: your scenario would probably work...as long as it’s in the expiration window...but water park features on a plus ticket used to NEVER expire. It’s silly that it’s still not that way...it only helps them to get foot traffic in the water parks

Club CooloholicFeb 27, 2020

So now you don't have to buy the hopper part if you don't want and can just add this to a non-hopper ticket? Question: Does it work like park hopper plus in that you can do the water parks after the regular park days have been all used? My last trip I think I got the park hopper plus and went to Vero for a few days after doing the parks, and was able to hit a water park for the one night back we stayed as it fell within the overall ticket timeframe(you have 14 days to use this 7 day park hopper, or whatever it is) EDIT: I want to add, that I like this idea, I don't make much use of park hopper and for my family of four I would rather just pocket the savings and skip the hopper but still do the mini putt and waterparks.

SirwalterraleighFeb 27, 2020

I do... And we can’t tolerate that loss of revenue 😉

TrainsOfDisneyFeb 27, 2020

Remember “back in the old days in the 2000’s” when every 4+ day ticket was a park hopper and never expired?

SirwalterraleighFeb 27, 2020

No I get you...I just remember the stated reasoning behind “Magic your way” was to not make it seem like it was misleading and restrictive... ...which of course was actually to introduce more blackouts and flexible pricing by day and make it restrictive 😎

Tom P.Feb 27, 2020

It's gone back and forth. Back a few years ago, you had a Park Hopper ticket and then you had a separate Water Parks Fun & More option. You could choose one or both of those options to add to your base ticket. Then they changed it to Park Hopper and Park Hopper Plus. The difference being that the only way to add water parks to your ticket was to also add park hopping. No separate water park add-on to the base ticket. Now they're doing three options: Park Hopper, Water Parks and Sports, and Park Hopper Plus, with the third choice essentially just being the combination of the first two. Essentially all they've done is give people the option, once again, to add water parks without park hopper.

JoeCamelFeb 27, 2020

I think with this you could have a one day one park ticket or even multi days without a hopper and still be able to add this on if you wanted the activity without buying a seperate ticket. Just one more option to drag the wallet out.

SirwalterraleighFeb 27, 2020

Thank you for the info...I had thought they changed that to”waterparks and more” when the “park hopper” ticket titles were dumped in the US

Figment82Feb 27, 2020

Plus still exists, this is in addition to the 2 existing options.