Walt Disney World theme park tickets increase in price for 2025

Feb 27, 2024 in "Ticket - Magic Your Way Ticket"

Single and Multi-Day Walt Disney World Theme Park Ticket overview
Posted: Tuesday February 27, 2024 8:30am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has raised the lowest-priced single-day Walt Disney World ticket option for visits in 2025 to $119.

For 2024, the lowest-priced ticket option is a single day at Disney's Animal Kingdom for $109.

Disney's date-based per-park pricing makes comparisons difficult, but on average, most dates have seen a $10 price increase for 2025 over 2024.

Here is what one of the lowest-priced days looks like in August 2025 compared to 2024.

  • Magic Kingdom - $144 | $129
  • EPCOT - $129 | $119
  • Disney's Hollywood Studios - $139 | $129
  • Disney's Animal Kingdom - $119 | $109

Here is another example of a busy July 4 day for 2025 vs 2024.

  • Magic Kingdom - $189 | $184
  • EPCOT - $179 | $174
  • Disney's Hollywood Studios - $184 | $179
  • Disney's Animal Kingdom - $159 | $154

Walt Disney World Annual Passes have yet to see a price increase and remain available to purchase in all options.

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erasure fan1Mar 01, 2024

That's how my wife is with Arby's. A new restaurant opened by us so we got dinner. We got extremely sick, and 22yrs later, she's still not had it again. Lol

Minnesota disney fanMar 01, 2024

I wish I could like them, but I can't even look at them now! We all got very sick.

Smiley/OCDFeb 29, 2024

I feel sorry for you!! That’s not the usual gastrointestinal issues you get from WC…then again, alcohol helps…lol

Minnesota disney fanFeb 29, 2024

My parents told me they used to go to WC and you could get 10 sliders for a dollar! Now that was a deal (but it was probably when the WC first opened) many years ago:) I ate them once at the first one in our city, and my whole group of 6 people got food poisoning, so I've never been able to eat one since. I know it was a one time thing, but I associate food poisoning with WC even now:)

LilofanFeb 29, 2024

I’ve been stopped on a regular basis by the local homeless so one day I gave a guy with his cute dog a stack full of Wendys coupons. He was very happy.

Fido ChuckwagonFeb 29, 2024

A SeaWorld Fun Card is only $139… That’s unlimited visits with only a handful of blackout dates.

John park hopperFeb 29, 2024

MacD 15 cent burgers/ 15 cent frys/ 10cent coke

LilofanFeb 29, 2024

In college we were poor kids but at Taco Bell was 39 cent tacos, and 59 cent bean burritos. We were hungry and ate well for a few dollars.

HoustonHornFeb 29, 2024

39/59/79 at Taco Bell And the days in college when we could walk into Cici's "pizza" with a $5 bill and get an all you can eat buffet and a drink and still get change back....

EPCOT-O.G.Feb 28, 2024

I remember when you could get a McDouble meal for like $3.25 (w tax)

Basil of Baker StreetFeb 28, 2024

99 cent Whoppers. Those were the days

Eric GrahamFeb 28, 2024

How cool. When I was in high school, someone who graduated a few years before me was in the All American band for drums for McDonalds in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. He would play sets during the football rally's in high school. My niece is in percussion in high school, and she started to take up the drums.

Smiley/OCDFeb 28, 2024

Yup, and you’ll taste them for eternity and you only live once…

PREMiERdrumFeb 28, 2024

...of the bathroom. For me at least.