All-Day Park hopping is returning to Walt Disney World

Oct 11, 2023 in "Ticket Annual Pass - Disney Incredi-Pass"

Posted: Wednesday October 11, 2023 7:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has just announced that beginning January 9, 2024, guests with a ticket with Park Hopper benefits or an Annual Pass will be able to once again visit another theme park at any time of day during park hours.

On days when theme park reservations are required for Annual Passholders and certain non-dated tickets, Passholders and guests will be able to take advantage of the updates to Park Hopper access after visiting their first park. For example, if a Passholder has a reservation at EPCOT and enters the park at 9 am, they can then head to another park right after.

"Good-to-go days" will also begin in January. With "good-to-go days," the theme park reservation calendar will be updated periodically and will show Passholders select days when they may visit a Disney World theme park without needing a theme park reservation (blockout dates will continue to apply like they do today).

To use the Park Hopper benefit, Annual Passholders must make a theme park reservation for the first park they plan to visit AND enter that first park prior to visiting another. Or, they can enter a theme park without a reservation on a "good-to-go" date for that park or after 2 pm (except Magic Kingdom on Saturdays and Sundays) before visiting another park.

Since returning in 2021, Park Hopper access has only been available after 2 pm each day.

Coming to Walt Disney World January 9, 2024

  • Just Announced: All-day Park Hopper access during park hours
  • Theme park reservations no longer required for date-based tickets (our standard ticket option)
  • Disney dining plans available once again for Disney Resort hotel guests as part of a package
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DisneyCaneOct 13, 2023

Or the food and drinks either!

pdude81Oct 13, 2023

This is a good point. It makes sense if they are working on software changes related to reservations and Genie+ time restrictions that everything would launch on the same date. Any January just after marathon weekend is a lower crowd time for the inevitable bugs they have to work out.

PatchesleeOct 13, 2023

Wonder how much multi-park Genie+ sales influenced the decision to drop the 2pm slot. It seemed less attractive to spend more but have to wait until at least 2pm slots to book. Also wonder how hopping would effect that rule now.

The Moles FamilyOct 13, 2023

I sure can't wait until January when all the Vloggers will be uploading all their new 4 parks in a day videos :rolleyes:

pdude81Oct 13, 2023

That merch isn't going to buy itself though

Fido ChuckwagonOct 13, 2023

AP holders are still unfavorable. They have our money, they don’t need us in the parks.

Fido ChuckwagonOct 13, 2023

Because they want to still be able to block you out on Christmas/New Years/Thanksgiving, but ALSO take your $1550.

TQQQOct 13, 2023

Advanced booking is definitely one of the aspects coming, i'm just not sure in what form (meaning resort guests only, how far in advance, how many will be allowed, 120 minute amendment, etc)

TheMaxReboOct 13, 2023

They said there would be adjustments to G+ (including a rebooking elements) coming in January ... But no idea on more specifics than that nor when we will hear what the exact changes will be

TQQQOct 13, 2023

Now all we need to come back is Genie+ pre booking.......Any rumors of when thats coming? Seems like the entire Genie+ is going to have to be reworked

pdude81Oct 12, 2023

This can't happen soon enough for me. Will be after my next two visits sadly. I think the park hopping restrictions particularly hurt DAK attendance. I can be done before noon if I rope drop early entry with nowhere to go. On the flip side, if somewhere else is mobbed and I can't hop to DAK until 2 when the lines are long, I may just not bother.

ToTBellHopOct 12, 2023

The benefit is fewer blockout dates…

DisneyCaneOct 12, 2023

Of course if they just walked around without a visible entourage or wearing name tags nobody would even recognize them.

DisneyCaneOct 12, 2023

Because then a "benefit" of the higher priced passes can't be being able to hold more simultaneous reservations.