Walt Disney World annual pass price increases now in effect

Feb 11, 2020 in "Ticket - Magic Your Way Ticket"

Posted: Tuesday February 11, 2020 8:53am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World annual pass pricing has been updated overnight, resulting in increases across the range.

  • The Disney Platinum Plus Pass is now $1295, up from $1219. (Before any discounts for Florida Residents)
  • The Disney Platinum Pass is now $1195, up from $1119. (Before any discounts for Florida Residents)
  • The Gold Pass is now $719, up from $699. 
  • The Silver Pass is now $539, up from $519.

You can see full pricing at the official Disney World annual pass page.

The previous round of Annual Pass price increase took place in June 2019.

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SirwalterraleighFeb 21, 2020

Indeed...lumping the different types of tickets together is also disingenuous. As they do much more “targeted” price adjustments to specific demos... I also caution to make the correlation of recent ticket/price adjustments and frequencies to be “the way it’s always been” - a frequent duster stance. The passes have gone up by a factor of 100% in 15 years...that is not “standard” nor based in “inflation” Pay it...don’t pay it....that’s up to you. However, don’t for a second think the Bob’s are doing what they “have to do”...their model is different than the prior models which built an ultra profitable juggernaut. And that policy is to deflect losses in business segments outside of the parks. They will turn you upside down and shake you till the last quarter falls out. Because WE don’t check them. I’m not saying don’t patronize...but be adult enough to accept the reality of the truth.

RustySporkFeb 21, 2020

They raise ticket prices annually, you're just combining years to be unnecessarily dramatic. You also said ticket prices, and then switched to talking about annual passes. Source: https://allears.net/walt-disney-world/wdw-planning/wdw-ticket-increase-guide/ You originally said: That statement is false. Tickets increased in 2018 two times, followed by one time in 2019. Annual passes increased in 2018 two times, in 2019 one time, and in 2020 one time (so far).

TheGuyThatMakesSwordsFeb 20, 2020

All true - unless one is calculating a RENEWAL, prior to the 60 day expiration of a current pass. You see, some folks (like us) want to know what our RENEWAL price is likely to be, prior to our ability to buy one.

Texas84Feb 20, 2020

Maybe next year I'll skip the AP renewal and spend the money on another trip to DLP.

EamethystFeb 20, 2020

Disney raised ticket prices not once, not twice, but three times since the beginning of 2018. That’s for its annual platinum pass which gives you access for a year to all four parks: the Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. In February, Disney raised prices for the passes from $779 to $849. Then in October, Disney increased them again, from $849 to $890. Then, because of the new Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opening, they raised prices again from $890 to $1,119. Over the past five years, Disney has hiked fees at roughly double the rate of inflation,

EamethystFeb 20, 2020

If you went to the Disney site and logged into your account, you could of added the Ap to your cart, the price would of shown you what the sales tax is along with monthly payment fee, if you chose that route or full payment.

RustySporkFeb 19, 2020

They raised prices in Feb 2017 in anticipation of the May 2017 opening. They didn't raise prices again until Feb 2018, and they only increased twice that year. Once in Feb and once in Oct.

TheGuyThatMakesSwordsFeb 19, 2020

Yup - happens all the time. That's why I CALLED, rather than using the bad advice from another board, to "just calculate it myself".

EamethystFeb 19, 2020

It's not just parks though that they are spending money on. It's resorts, hotels, Disney Springs, transportation. Prices increase because they spend so much money. If Disney never opened a new ride, a land, restaurants, retail store. Prices would be cheaper. Disney was lacking for many years when it comes to renovations. For awhile Disney Springs was not doing well. The name of Disney springs changed sever times. It went from Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village to Walt Disney Village to Pleasure Island to Disney Village Market Place to Pleasure Island_ Disney Village Market Place to Disney Springs. Most people new the area as downtown Disney. Look at Epcot. Rides have come and gone in Epcot. Epcot for many years did business but not as much as the other parks. Now they doing renovations. I hope that it will work.

EamethystFeb 19, 2020

Here is a site that shows you ticket prices since 1970. https://allears.net/walt-disney-world/wdw-planning/1970s-walt-disney-world-tickets/

EamethystFeb 19, 2020

Ticket prices including AP prices increase every year. Disney has been increasing prices since they opened. Prices increases usually in Feb. So far the AP prices have only increased once so far this year. Last year they increased. Next year they defiantly will because Tron is suppose to open in Magic kingdom. Epoct, some areas are under renovations. New rides are coming to Epcot. Hollywood studios Mickey and Minnie's runaway railroad road suppose to open March 2020, Animal Kingdom: Nothing major is going. Disney Springs lots of restaurants and stores are coming. Resorts: Some have gotten renovations. Star War resort due to open in 2021. The increased prices aren't just for the theme parks. They are for everything throughout Disney world in general. Disney is like a city in its own way. The charge for everything. Except parking at Disney Springs and the water parks.

EamethystFeb 19, 2020

Sales tax increased recently in certain cities throughout Florida. Disney is 7% but that does not include hotel tax. That is a different amount for tax.

EamethystFeb 19, 2020

Right but Disney had already increased their prices in Feb of 2017. Pandora opened in May 2017. The next increase was 2018 three times. 1) one day tickets. 2) multi day tickets. 3) one day and Muti day tickets increased 2019, annual passes increased in feb 2019 and oct 2019 annual passes increased feb 2020. I'm talking more about increases. I know pandora was big but ticket prices didn't increase until 8 months after the opening. Star Wars brings in more money then Pandora. Disney world, Disneyland, Euro Disney all have Star Wars land.

RustySporkFeb 19, 2020

Pandora opened in 2017.