Walt Disney World Annual Passholders continue to face very low Disney Park Pass availability

Aug 10, 2020 in "Ticket - Platinum Pass Annual Pass"

Posted: Monday August 10, 2020 12:54pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World may be struggling with attendance, but its Annual Passholders continue to find it difficult to visit the parks due to a lack of Disney Park Pass availability.

A check of the Disney Parks Pass availability calendar this morning shows full availability for Disney Resort Guests and Theme Park Ticket guests, but very little for Annual Passholders during August 2020.

There is no availability at all for the next two weeks at any park, and when availability does open on August 24, only EPCOT is available.

Local schools begin to reopen with a mix of in-person and remote learning from today, with the majority of areas schools back in session by August 24. With children back in school, we may see more availability as demand decreases. 

Disney leaders said during a recent investor call that demand for the theme parks was less than originally expected as COVID-19 cases in Florida began to surge, and Walt Disney World has cut hours to its parks by up two 2 hours per day from September 8.

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CaptainAmerica2 days ago

They already do that, don't they? I don't know, I've never purchased a package. I book room only and tickets separately.

jinx84022 days ago

What if the thought is to tie the ticket price of a package to the start date. For example, if you check in on a Friday for an 8 day stay with a 4 day ticket. Selecting Saturday as your first day will have a surcharge of X $. Selecting Monday will not have a surcharge since you are bypassing a weekend. But the surcharge would essentially be based on the date-priced tickets, essentially merging packages and date-based pricing for tickets.

CaptainAmerica3 days ago

They probably wouldn't even have to for resort guests. Check-in date answers that question (close enough) for them. This is basically the system they had in place prior to Park Pass. When you bought a ticket, you specified a "start date" for that ticket and you had X amount of days from that start date to use your Y amount of admissions.

mikejs783 days ago

I wonder if they're thinking of going to a system where resort guests don't have to make specific reservations on specific days but only have to specify the first day of park visits and attach it to a ticket medium.

DCBaker3 days ago

Park reservations in Magic Kingdom for APs have been replenished for dates in September (including the 29th) - Before/After

DCBaker8 days ago

And here's the replenishment for Resort/Ticket guests - Before/After

Cre8iveN8ive8 days ago

With the recent update to the system, it appears that it doesn’t recognize when a park reservation has already been made and allows for a duplicate park reservation. Original park reservations were made prior to the system update where you now have to select whether or not you have a resort reservation or not. Went in to adjust and make some new park reservations and it’s allowing park reservations to be made on the same date as the existing reservations are on but for different parks. (Yes, the reservations are for the same individuals in MDE on the same date. Only difference is the system update that occurred around the time APs were introduced. Additionally, our APs are not new.)

VelocityRaptor9 days ago

That’s so weird. I tried on my laptop and my phone and still showing no availability. My fiancé also checked and it’s showing nothing

DCBaker9 days ago

FL resident Platinum.

VelocityRaptor9 days ago

What type pass do you have?

DCBaker9 days ago

That's odd. I just tried and it shows availability and allowed me to book a reservation on the 2nd at Epcot.

VelocityRaptor9 days ago

I agree I’ve noticed it off many times before.

CaptainAmerica9 days ago

I don't think the availability calendar is quite real time.

VelocityRaptor9 days ago

When I log in to my account (Platinum Pass) it shows no availability for Oct 2 and Oct 3. But the availability calendar still shows availability. Are they handicapping legacy passholders?