Walt Disney World Annual Passholders continue to face very low Disney Park Pass availability

Aug 10, 2020 in "Ticket - Platinum Pass Annual Pass"

Posted: Monday August 10, 2020 12:54pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World may be struggling with attendance, but its Annual Passholders continue to find it difficult to visit the parks due to a lack of Disney Park Pass availability.

A check of the Disney Parks Pass availability calendar this morning shows full availability for Disney Resort Guests and Theme Park Ticket guests, but very little for Annual Passholders during August 2020.

There is no availability at all for the next two weeks at any park, and when availability does open on August 24, only EPCOT is available.

Local schools begin to reopen with a mix of in-person and remote learning from today, with the majority of areas schools back in session by August 24. With children back in school, we may see more availability as demand decreases. 

Disney leaders said during a recent investor call that demand for the theme parks was less than originally expected as COVID-19 cases in Florida began to surge, and Walt Disney World has cut hours to its parks by up two 2 hours per day from September 8.

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HarperRose6 days ago

No, it's still closed.

HarperRose6 days ago


WondersOfLife6 days ago

Test track gathers the biggest wait time sooner than any other attraction at Epcot... and with it being on the way over to Frozen, it’d be convenient to go do frozen right after test track. In the end, you won’t have to wait too long for Soarin. Even if it’s 45 minutes it won’t feel like that long.

Kobe!!6 days ago

Why do you say this? Just curious..

WondersOfLife7 days ago

I’d do test track at rope drop followed by frozen. Then do world showcase and work your way back to Soarin. Soarin’s line isn’t too bad since they added the 3rd theater. I’d argue that 40/45 minute waits for Soarin are never actually that long (if you include the preshow as part of the experience)

Doberge7 days ago

New spots are now up a few days to Sunday, May 30. Hello, Memorial Day Weekend. I believe Beach Club reopens 5/30 Wilderness Lodge on 6/6, or thereabout. Some of this could be about shifting more from APs to resort guests generally. They've surely been getting negative feedback from resort guests unable to book some parks as far out as two months.

Kobe!!7 days ago

After hitting frozen ever after (at rope drop) do you suggest hitting soarin or test track next? or do you suggest doing something different? looking to do these three things at EPCOT before hopping to MK for the rest of the day. any suggestions on how to do MK at 2pm till 9pm are greatly welcomed. Thanks

wdwmagic7 days ago

EPCOT monorail has been out of service since the reopening in July 2020. No ET on its return

JohnD7 days ago

I can understand April 22 but June 22? Sounds like a glitch to me.

JohnD7 days ago

No. The TTC-Epcot line is being cleaned but no timeframe given yet as to when it will open.

Jrb19797 days ago

People are getting their Disney fix before they cross the dark side for the opening of Velocicoaster

CastAStone7 days ago

June 22 randomly has no AK but has the other 3 so I think there’s some glitching.

twilight mitsuk7 days ago

Blockout starts June 1st

Kobe!!7 days ago

Sweet, thanks! Does the monorail run from EPCOT to MK - or vice versa? I thought I read something about the track being cleaned?