PHOTOS - Epcot's new signature Takumi-Tei Restaurant now open in the Japan Pavilion

Jul 05, 2019 in "Takumi-Tei"

Posted: Friday July 5, 2019 4:23pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Epcot's latest signature restaurant, operated by Mitukoshi, is now open in the Japan Pavilion in World Showcase.

Takumi-Tei opened its doors today, offering upscale dining including a prix fixe tasting menu and a chef's table experience. Highlights of the menu include wagyu beef, sushi, sashimi, unique desserts, signature cocktails, and premium sake. The prix fixe menu is priced at $130 per guest with an optional $75 wine and sake pairing.

Appetizers include Teien $20 (meaning “garden” and featuring compressed watermelon and tuna sashimi), Nikomi Wagyu $27 (braised wagyu short rib with roasted bone marrow), or Hama no Kani $26 (“Crab on the Beach” featuring crab tossed in a light ponzu sauce as well whole toasted crab), and Agedashi Tofu $19 with fried silken tofu, brown butter black rice and shimeji mushroom.

Entrées include Kamo Rosu and Takumi Gyuniku. The Kamo Rosu, priced at $45, features roasted marinated duck with kabocha squash, edamame beans, Japanese mizuna, cured duck egg yolk, and a grape reduction. The Takumi Gyuniku priced at $93, is a Japanese A-5 wagyu beef tenderloin with leek sauce, warishita, short rib gyoza, roast cippolini onion, curried potato, and seasonal mushroom.

On the Maki Sushi menu, you’ll find Mozaiku $18 (featuring tuna, yellowtail and asparagus) and the Takumi Sashimi entrée $40 features tuna, toro, salmon, yellowtail, uni and ikura.

Desserts include Kumo $14 (yuzu cheesecake, spiced kabocha, orange yuzu gel and blackberry sake) or Suiren Dani $16 (Water Lilly Valley featuring Japanese water cake, rose, kuromitsu and kinako crumb).

The drink menu beverage menu offers premium sake, wine, beer and cocktails. Specialty cocktails priced at $15 are themed to each of the five dining rooms and include Kochi (Joto Yuzu citrus sake, rum, fresh mint, yuzu juice and orange), Raiju (Haku Japanese vodka, spiced ginger beer and lime), Sakurajima (Japanese whisky sour smoked with cherrywood), and Kami (Roku gin, Sayuri “White Lilly” Nigori sake, calipco and lychee).

Takumi-Tei is open for dinner from 4pm to 9pm. Reservations will be available from July 16 2019 with bookings starting on that day via 407-WDW-DINE or online. To make reservations for the Chef’s Table Dining Experience, call Mitsukoshi directly at (407) 827-8504.

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ChrisFLNov 06, 2019

I really doubt it, and I think it would be a bad idea, because it seems like they dumb down the menu and make the items cheaper. The food items at this place are REALLY expensive, so I really doubt it would happen anyway

jaxonpNov 06, 2019

Just ate there. Amazing service, typical of what you’d experience in Japan. Food was pretty good but very expensive. The menu is rather interesting for Disney. I hope they keep it. I don’t care for look of the restaurant. It feels like it was leftover storage space converted into a restaurant. Will be back one day but for the money I’d opt for Cali Grill still 9 out of 10 times.

RteetzNov 06, 2019

If it will be it would be two credits. It’s a signature and not cheap.

LuigiNov 06, 2019

Does anyone know if Takumi Tei will ever be on the dining plan?

PondererJul 22, 2019

Similar here at the Panera / Chipotles / fast casual places here in a more rural pocket of Western MA.

jaklgreenJul 22, 2019

Have you been to a Panera lately? Disney sells sandwiches from $8-$12 depending on what kind. My local Panera sells their sandwiches from $7- $11. All Stars chicken and avocado sandwich with fries is $11.99. Panera's turkey and avocado sandwich with chips or baquette is $10.39. These are typical where I live. Maybe where you are is a bigger city where there is more competition and more distributors so the prices are lower. But food costs have gone up dramatically, this includes groceries, where I live. I live in a medium size city in the midwest.

PondererJul 22, 2019

We did the Satu'li/Tiffins combo on our last trip, and it was a wonderful food day.

tirianJul 22, 2019

For fine dining, yes. For casual/quick service, no. Not close.

flyerjabJul 18, 2019

IMHO, Tiffins is the best dining experience on property (not including V&A’s). My wife and I enjoy the signature dining experiences throughout property. For her and I, the best one-two-punch meal in park would be Satu’li Canteen for lunch and Tiffins for dinner, with after dinner coffee and cocktails at Nomad Lounge. I am hoping Takumi-Tei is up at the top also regarding food quality, service and ambience. 23 days until we find out!

rreadingJul 18, 2019

I wonder if Tiffins will survive in the same vein. My family of four had been before and loved it (including a 8yo and 12yo); the last time we were there we took my parents as well and I was daunted by the offerings on the menu - they looked so exotic - but in the end everyone loved it! I hope that there are enough visitors brave enough to try it.

rreadingJul 18, 2019

But there are still less-expensive options available. The rotisserie chicken with green beans and mashed potatoes at Cosmic Rays is a pretty good value and the food in The Land pavilion is good. There have always been expensive places as well. V&A and the upscale restaurant above Chef's de France have been around for 20+ years. I imagine that California Grill has never been cheap. They definitely want to offer something that other places don't; and while someone mentioned it in a (I think) snarky vein, it truly is a place that we go to for the food and resorts in addition to (and maybe as much as) the rides. Altogether they do intend to be a top-notch quality experience, and one that you can spend as little or as much as you want.

flyerjabJul 18, 2019

We will be there on August 10th. Can not wait!

NaplesgolferJul 18, 2019

I went on the 8th at 8pm. We elected for the Omakase . The cost was 130 and they allowed the tables in wonderland discount. If we had elected for the Water room it would have been 160 ( No tables discount allowed) and includes 2 more dishes and a more varied menu. I was also told the water room menu would change more often. We really enjoyed the whole experience . Very high level of service and care taken through out the whole meal. The only comparable experience in WDW from a service perspective is V&A chefs table. The theming in all the rooms and the traditional dress of the staff enhanced the experience. The meal was 2 1/2 hours. The cocktails and food where all very good. But they are not going to blow the mind of anyone used to Michelin star dining or top restaurants in any Major US city. It is a stand out in terms of Disney. The value in WDW terms is very good, especially when considering the level of service. I do wonder if they will be able to keep the menu as is considering what most theme park guests are willing to spend in money and time for a meal while at Epcot. I also feel the experience would be greatly diminished for me with small children and crowding. It really is for 10 and above like V&A in my opinion. The first 2 weeks most people didn't know the resturant existed and there was no easy way to make a reservation, so it stayed quiet and really special. I don't know if this resturant will work long term in it's present form and pricing in a theme park. That makes me sad. Go and enjoy before it changes.

NoChesterHesterJul 18, 2019

I disagree. WDW is not more expensive then a similar meal in Manhattan. Heck... Eating out in many major metropolitan areas is just as expensive as inflated WDW prices at this point. Food has exploded in cost.