Takumi-Tei restaurant will reopen with new menu in late November at EPCOT's Japan Pavilion

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Posted: Thursday November 17, 2022 5:43pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Takumi-Tei, operated by Mitukoshi, will reopen November 23 2022 at the Japan Pavilion in EPCOT's World Showcase.

Takumi-Tei's new menu will feature two omakase multi-course meals priced at $250 (omnivorous) and $150 (plant-based).

Hours of operation will be Thursday – Monday from 5pm – 7:30pm. Mitukoshi says that it be serving a limited number of walk-in guests only, with reservations to open at a later date.

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immigrationking3 days ago

The price went from $130 to $250 and the menu is substantially the same. That's nuts! I was hoping to go. But for three people it went from $500 to $1000. Any way you look at it, doesn't make sense at all!

Figgy19 days ago

^^^^This all of this. IMHO the menu seems lazy at best

DCBaker9 days ago

Takumi-Tei will begin accepting reservations on December 1st - "We are pleased to announce that we will begin accepting reservations on Thursday, December 1st. As the Water Room and Chef’s Table are closed until further notice, please make reservations on or after December 1st through the official Disney Dining Reservations website or through the My Disney Experience app. Reservations can be made up to 60 days in advance."

Richie24810 days ago

This Manu is laughable for the price. A complete letdown....

nickys12 days ago

So no a-la-carte menu. That will upset a few people.

aladdin200712 days ago

they are just price gauging now

Tony the Tigger12 days ago

As someone who regularly eats “fancy” at WDW, I must be missing something. I’m not impressed with this menu.

monothingie13 days ago

What an utterly loathsome menu. I loved Takumi-Tei in it's original incarnation, this is just so completely disappointing. This has nothing to do with the price, but all to do with the completely dumbed down and boring menu. Give me an excellent meal and I will gladly pay for it. Compared to what it was, this is not it. I truly hope this fails miserably.

TJ Vazquez13 days ago

Monsieur Paul is looking like a deal when comparing to this menu. Just doesn't seem like much of a value here.

DCBaker13 days ago

The new dinner menu has posted - https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/dining/epcot/takumi-tei-restaurant/menus/

UNCgolf15 days ago

Prix fixe can operate like this as well (the Disney prix fixe options generally don't, though), unless there's a different term I'm unaware of.

nickys15 days ago

Disney doesn’t set the prices for Takumi-Tei though. The Mitukoshi website doesn’t have the menu up yet. I think we’ll have to wait and see if there is still an a-la-carte menu option.

Club Cooloholic16 days ago

You know, rereading the release, maybe I read this wrong. I thought the only option was the omakase, but maybe it's just in addition to a la carte.

BrianLo16 days ago

Omakase isn't quite the same as Prix Fixe. I get the complaints and comparators, but generally speaking the menu isn't fixed, its adaptable to what the chef feels is best any given night.