Everglazed Donuts to replace Pop Gallery on the West Side at Disney Springs

Jul 09, 2020 in "Everglazed Donuts and Cold Brew"

'Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew' will open in the Pop Gallery location on the West Side at Disney Springs. 

Pop Gallery will close on July 30 to make way for the new Donut shop which will be operated by the team behind Splitsville.

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Article Posted: Jul 09, 2020 / 6:41am ET
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WDWtraveler8 days ago

Photo update as of Wednesday, November 18, 2020. Photo update as of Wednesday, November 25, 2020. The dark paint has been applied to the Everglazed Donuts building, now for the highlights. The construction wall has been moved back to only around the Splitsville building. This entrance/exit to Orange garage is still not available.

DznyGrlSD22 days ago

everglazed is owned by Splitsville & Homecomin' so that'd be some nice employee benefits/discounts!!

DCBaker24 days ago

Now hiring -

wdwmagic28 days ago

Magic Feather30 days ago

It's a box because the space before it was a box and Splitsville wants to limit refurb costs.

MrPromey30 days ago

While somehow managing to apparently eat and drink with it on, to boot! Or maybe he's on a diet and just there to keep the person who's back is turned from us company? ;)

lazyboy97o30 days ago

It’s a box because it that is a cheap and easy way to build commercial space that can have all sorts of stuff squeezed into it. A donut shop doesn’t have to be a bare box, even if there are utilitarian functions inside.

WEDway Inc & Company LLC30 days ago

Fair enough

jaklgreen30 days ago

If you are talking about the rectangle shape, they have to fit the building into the space that they have. I imagine why most donut shops are that shape is because that is the most efficient way of producing the product. I have worked in donut shops and you work it in an assembly line fashion. Function is more important then style in this case.

JohnD30 days ago

Wow. Now even renderings show people wearing masks. Welcome to our new world.

lazyboy97o30 days ago

I just don't understand how people put out such poor renderings...

FutureCEO30 days ago

It seems everything new is food in Disney Springs and no shops (not that I buy anything anyway).

WEDway Inc & Company LLC30 days ago

Same building style as every single Dunkin Donuts ever. Just the color is different.