PHOTOS - First look at the donuts from the upcoming Everglazed shop at Disney Springs

19 days ago in "Everglazed Donuts and Cold Brew"

Disney has shared a look at the donuts that will be available at the upcoming 'Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew' on the West Side at Disney Springs. 

Located in the former Pop Gallery that closed on July 30, the new Donut shop will be operated by the team behind Splitsville.

No word yet on an opening date, but work is continuing despite COVID-19.

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Article Posted: Oct 01, 2020 / 10:30am ET
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castlecake2.012 days ago

We tried for years to get timmys at Le Cellier and was always told no because the deal with Nescafé then joffreys :(

Mouse Detective15 days ago

Seems like this would have been a good place for Orlando's first Tim Hortons.

jaklgreen18 days ago

We have had a rash of new donut shops open in my city for some reason. One of them makes donuts that look like that and they charge $2-$3 each. These stand alone shops need to charge more since they really have no other source of income like a grocery store does. Drinks make more money then donuts do.

DznyGrlSD18 days ago

If you're local to Orlando - check out DG Doughnuts in Oakland - 🤯

dreamfinder18 days ago

Just paid $8 something last weekend for 3 donuts at a local place. Old fashioned, cinnamon sugar, and blueberry. Not even anything fancy. But sooooooo totally worth it. So I doubt that these prices would be much worse, they look to be much smaller.

John park hopper18 days ago

They look good I hate to think what they charge if Disney prices apply I think I'll stick with Dunkin

cmwade7719 days ago

Doesn't look like anything I can't get at my current don't shop for a lot less money.

JEANYLASER19 days ago

I can't wait to get some donuts including oreo cookies donuts

DCBaker19 days ago

jensenrickAug 15, 2020

thank you

DCBakerAug 15, 2020

Online only - - they are currently redesigning the website/store.

jensenrickAug 15, 2020

Has anyone heard if Pop Gallery is relocating some where else?

danlb_2000Aug 11, 2020

Another permit this week: 1504 C01 East Buena Vista Dr (Everglazed Donuts) - Interior build-out, exterior renovation, and exterior trellis

MickeyMouse10Aug 04, 2020

I was thinking the same thing. Hopefully their donuts are better than Dunkin's though. They haven't been good since the late 80's.