More refurbishments are underway at EPCOT's United Kingdom pavilion

Jul 18, 2023 in "United Kingdom (Pavilion)"

United Kingdom exterior refurbishment - July 18 2023
Posted: Tuesday July 18, 2023 10:44am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

An exterior refurbishment is now underway at EPCOT's United Kingdom pavilion.


The gardens at the back of the pavilion are now closed off on both sides, and a high-reach lift is being used for repainting work.

The United Kingdom pavilion restrooms remain closed for refurbishment, with guests directed to the nearby World Showplace restrooms.

The Rose & Crown, Yorkshire County Fish & Chips, and all shops remain open.

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gerararOct 03, 2023

The planters have moved down towards near the edge of the pavilion, next to the main entrance of The Crown & Crest. I observed active painting while passing by the past few days, and also some type of pavement/brick work going on (heard some loud jack hammers going ham). Also looks like they're pressure washing the sidewalk? Notice the coloration contrast.

DobergeJul 19, 2023

Refurbishment money for the pavillion was likely allocated at the same time as money for the attraction so they're keeping the pavillion refurbishment moving forward while any attraction is in limbo.

MaxWJul 19, 2023

I know this most likely a pipe dream, but are they prepping to dust off the mary poppins spinner idea? I'm trying to think why they'd be actively refurbing this pavillion in particular. Or is there a plan to do general refurbs across the world showcase?