Winnie the Pooh meet and greet moves back inside the United Kingdom pavilion at EPCOT

Oct 01, 2023 in "United Kingdom (Pavilion)"

Posted: Sunday October 1, 2023 11:13am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

After years of wandering about the post-pandemic gardens outside the Imagination! Pavilion in World Celebration, Winnie the Pooh has finally returned to the United Kingdom pavilion at EPCOT.


Guests can once again meet Winnie the Pooh at Christopher Robin's Room, starting daily at 11 am.

Winnie the Pooh's current appearance times are: 11 am, 11:30 am, 12 pm, 1:40 pm, 2:10 pm, 2:40 pm, 3:10 pm, 3:40 pm.

Winnie the Pooh moved outside during EPCOT's reopening from the pandemic as part of the character sighting initiative, where characters were located away from guests.

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drew81Oct 01, 2023

Pooh was saved by @wdwmagic. Now, can someone save character dining from complacency?

DCBakerOct 01, 2023

Adding this here as well - according to My Disney Experience, Winnie the Pooh has returned to meeting guests at Christopher Robin's Room in the UK Pavilion.

ThepumaSep 17, 2023

I quite like it...its kinda funny

TrainsOfDisneySep 17, 2023

As much as all executives seem to dislike him, Figment is determined to stay around and be here for his adoring fans. For better or worse, the current figment ride is what we have and is charming in its own way, just dated. As figment grows in popularity so has the ride. A simple rewrite and replace Nigel with Dreamfinder and everyone is happy with a tiny investment.

PiebaldSep 17, 2023

I was at Epcot yesterday and saw Pooh for the first time (I'd seen videos and pictures). It was very bizarre because he seemed bored and sort of walked over to another area and started doing weird yoga moves. Also, Journey into Imagination had a 30min wait (!!!) with the queue extending well outside so you had a fairly large group of people awkwardly staring at Pooh doing whatever it was he was doing. Unless Figments m&g requires the same queue as the ride I'm not sure why it was so busy yesterday...or maybe Figment is bringing into the crowds and now they figure they don't need to fix the ride since the character is bringing the crowds in.

TouchdownSep 17, 2023

Winnie is short for Winnipeg. Pooh is named after a Canadian Bear.

TrainsOfDisneySep 17, 2023

Despite my ranting earlier in this thread about Disneyland vs. WDW I was pleasantly surprised with characters out at Studios. Chip n Dale’s picnic and Daisy trimming the hedges is really fun. Saw Buzz out in Toy Story land and Goofy was out somewhere as well, can’t remember where i saw him. Still not the level out at DCA but it’s enough to make you smile that’s for sure!

seabreezept813Aug 29, 2023

We saw this too on our trip and my girls were excited until they realized he’s kind of far back and doesn’t interact. What we thought was stranger was Daisy watering the flowers at Hollywood Studios because they had CMs out and the tape that looks like you can line up to meet, but then you can’t. And all of my kids age 2-19 told me Daisy forgot the water for her watering can.

CompedAug 28, 2023

This may have been only valid while Disney held RCMP's image rights, which they had for years and years...

Cmdr_CrimsonAug 28, 2023

He know why what where as what who what Huh???

MisterPenguinAug 28, 2023

Pooh isn't allowed in Canada. He know why.

Cmdr_CrimsonAug 28, 2023

Seems strange they don't have him out at the Canada pavilion instead..I mean they had him represented as a mountie and was shown in that Family Matters episode.. Plus they had a balloon of him from the Surprise in The Skies show at one point... Image from allears So, why is it hard to just shift him from that area to Canada again?

doctornickAug 28, 2023

Not sure if this is what is meant, but I think the idea is that multiple versions of the same character means less variety than the same amount of CMs each being different characters. So, scarcity of different available M&Gs but more supply of a specific M&G character.

celluloidAug 28, 2023

In a goods most likely yes, in a service not typically.