Lightweight and Eco-Friendly: Disney's new Cast Member costumes debut at Magic Kingdom

Apr 29, 2024 in "Main Street, U.S.A."

2024 Main Street, U.S.A costumes
Posted: Monday April 29, 2024 12:08pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Cast Members on Main Street U.S.A. at Magic Kingdom are now wearing the new costumes revealed last month.

Cast Members working at the main entrance tapstyles, Main Street U.S.A. parade control, and the Dapper Dans are now sporting a new look.

Disney says they keep function and comfort at the forefront of mind with lightweight, breathable fabric; they're also made from recyclable materials that help keep the environment in mind.

Here is a look at more of the costumes that will be debuting soon.

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MisterPenguin16 days ago

The D.A.R sent a cannon for the courthouse square!!

TrainsOfDisney16 days ago

My first job I was an outdoor tour guide at a tourist railroad - my uniform was basically the Main Street vehicles / railroad uniform. The vest was optional in the summer but I always wore it - it never made a big difference to me. Fun fact - the original black vests at Disney had custom gold buttons with the castle engraved on them. Likewise the Plaid vests for guest relations had the “Disney cursive D” engraved on them. I love little details like that. Wonder if the new uniforms have and such details :)

larryz17 days ago

Sux Flags wear a lightweight polo. Compare this to a multi-layer costume...

larryz17 days ago

95° and 85% makes it an easy call.

larryz17 days ago

The US Flag Code only asks that people stand at attention, face the flag, remove their head coverings with the right hand and hold them over their left shoulder, hand over the heart. Those in uniform are enjoined to render a military salute (veterans may optionally render the hand salute). It doesn't, however, mention tucking in shirts, so I'd leave the judgment and finger-wagging to the little old ladies of the DAR.

CampbellzSoup17 days ago

Even six flags has to tuck their shirts in 😂

castlecake2.017 days ago

The red was still thick, was more about being noticeable especially during fireworks

TrainsOfDisney17 days ago

I thought that’s why they switched to the red vests, they were lighter and more breathable and the red reflected more heat rather than absorbing heat like the black vests.

castlecake2.017 days ago

Main Street Theatre, Vehicles, and WDW Railroad all still wear the navy vest costume. PAC, Glow, and Main Entrance ops and merch wear the new new blue/maroon outfit. PAC does the flag retreat and I agree, the new costume doesn’t fit the dignity of the show, but they needed an update as PAC spends their whole shift outdoors in the heat. Way back PAC would be made up of Cast deployed for a few hours from other areas to help with audience control and were not as likely to spend the whole day in outdoor positions. Now it’s a specific role.

JMcMahonEsq17 days ago

This statement is just silly bordering on the absurd. Whether you subjectively think attitudes and trends on personal grooming, fashion, have changed for the good or bad, absolutely no one with any common sense would try to argue that they haven’t changed in over 50 years.

bmr159117 days ago

The costumes look awful.

ToTBellHop17 days ago

I think they’ve determined they need more workers than they can get with the old standard and that allowing the untucked look gets more people to stay on the job. Perhaps they just need new looks that look good untucked. I never tuck my shirts in and don’t look like a slob.

SplashJacket17 days ago

I mean… I disagree. There’s a distinct difference between a shift of standards/expectations and completely ignoring show/guidelines. You don’t see costumed characters with their backs unzipped because it’s more comfortable that way. The costume is meant to be worn a certain way and that’s part of the job description. Properly wearing a uniform is part of the job description. That’s distinctly different from shifting cultural perspectives on facial hair/general personal presentability.

MagicHappens197118 days ago

The world has. So has the meaning and execution of “professionalism” when it comes to dress. Don’t want to get into all that but just want to point that out