Scaffolding up at EPCOT's United Kingdom pavilion as refurbishment work continues

Jan 15, 2024 in "United Kingdom (Pavilion)"

United Kingdom exterior refurbishment - January 11, 2024
Posted: Monday January 15, 2024 10:!4am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The exterior refurbishment project at EPCOT's United Kingdom pavilion continues into 2024, with a large section of the area now behind scaffolding.

Paint crews have been able to work on most of the area from ground level using lifts, but this final section has restricted access, resulting in the need for scaffolding.

The United Kingdom pavilion shops and restaurants remain open as normal during the work which began in summer 2023, although the bathroom remains closed for its interior refurbishment.

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DCBaker28 days ago

Photos from today - seems like work on The Tea Caddy is almost finished.

LittleBuford31 days ago

They really should have “Toilets” rather than “Restrooms” on the main sign if they want to be authentically British.

wdwmagicFeb 22, 2024

Work underway on aging the tea shop

stuartFeb 22, 2024

It's quite clearly not a homage to the vast majority of British public toilets. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing!

hpyhnt 1000Feb 22, 2024

Nice! The restroom tile is undoubtedly a reference to the tube station. As an aside, THIS is exactly what theming and decoration at EPCOT should look like: homages to real world locations, history, and culture, perhaps with a touch of whimsy. It should rarely be characters, IP, or other self-references to “Disney.”

jpinkcFeb 21, 2024

Did someone mention Japan Pavilion there is only one answer for a Dark Ride, ya know the guy who Kicked Disneys Butt at the Box Office :p

RobbiemFeb 21, 2024

The tiling reminds me of Russell Square ’tube’ station. It’s a shame the toilets aren’t underground in old school London fashion Fun fact - the original Victorian london tube had different tile patterns at each station because most passengers couldn’t read

aladdin2007Feb 20, 2024

Marrakesh are def old school Epcot, but doesn't matter since no restaurant. Was always fun to check out though to step back into the 80s. Same for Le Cellier, not sure the status of those. Remember the dingy little ones in the back of Japan behind the gardens? now that one was creepy.

Skibum1970Feb 20, 2024

And loo which is English for toilet

JohnDFeb 20, 2024

Nice touch of "WC" for "Water Closet".

vikescaperFeb 20, 2024

I think Germany’s are still old school. At least they seemed to be when I used them last weekend.

James AlucobondFeb 20, 2024

Restrooms just re-opened and are much improved. Refresh my memory ... Which World Showcase restrooms remain in dire straits? Have the Japan and China bathrooms gotten any TLC yet? With the recent changes to UK and Morocco, they're the ones that still stick out in my mind.

James AlucobondFeb 17, 2024

And is still underway. Only half of the wood trim has been repainted, and the stucco sections will probably be finished after that.