Frozen characters Elsa and Anna arrive at Princess Fairytale Hall and already waits are over 2 and a half hours

Apr 20, 2014 in "Princess Fairytale Hall"

Posted: Sunday April 20, 2014 10:22am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Elsa and Anna, the characters from Disney's huge animated hit Frozen, are now appearing at the Magic Kingdom's Princess Fairytale Hall following their move from Epcot's Norway Pavilion.

The duo repeatedly generated wait times in excess of 5 hours at Epcot, and already this morning at the Magic Kingdom, standby waits are upwards of 210 minutes as of 10:00am. Princess Fairytale Hall offers FastPass+, so many guests are now able to skip the standby line waits.

The Frozen characters are typically meeting from park open until around 5pm, after which other princesses will join Cinderella and Rapunzel.

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cw1982Jun 10, 2014

I knew that didn't sound right. The line to meet her was fairly long, so I think the cm was trying to come up with a reasonable explanation for the wait time lol. Or he may have just been mistaken.

Zummi GummiJun 10, 2014

No she's still meeting in Town Square, in the spot next to Guest Relations. She's displaced Mary Poppins,who's been meeting in front of the Confectionary of late.

cw1982Jun 10, 2014

It totally looks like something is coming out of her mouth in that pic! I'm sure it's part of the rail of those stairs or the castle, but from my phone it looks almost like a tentacle! :) My husband heard a cm tell someone this week that the Snow White at Epcot is the only one for meet and greets in all of WDW now.

Matt_BlackJun 10, 2014

But what if they teamed up? The Green Goblin joins forces with Maleficent, because EVIL, so the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man has to find some help....

erstwoJun 10, 2014

Aurora (or at least Sleeping Beauty) also has one of the better developed Princes of the older princess movies. Both my younger brother, when I was little, and, more recently, my son loved Prince Phillip. Who needs Spider-Man when there's a dragon slaying prince? I know my daughter watched Sleeping Beauty more often than the other movies because my son wanted to watch that movie over the others. The Snow Prince & Prince Charming can't really hold a candle to Phillip.

wogwogJun 10, 2014

Like Mickey, there is only one Anna and one Elsa.

Zummi GummiJun 10, 2014

Now that Snow has been evicted from her home and is out in the streets, she's been forced to seek other employment opportunities within the company. It looks like she's been transferred to PAC...

KuzcotopiaMay 29, 2014

That makes so much sense. Since Aurora was my daughter's favorite before the Elsa bandwagon came along (notice the dress in my avatar photo), I would wrack my brain trying to figure out why she'd identify with a passive, comatose girl with no agency in her own story. Your post makes me feel better, so thanks!

Matt_BlackMay 28, 2014

Cinderella is hands down the most represented currently in the merchandise and marketing. I wrapped my nephew's Christmas present with Cinderella wrapping paper. My brother and sister-in-law thankfully didn't make any comments about that. My sister did, and my response is, "Well, the paper's blue, and it's a Pooh bear DVD, so I think it fits."

CommunicoreMay 28, 2014

I was jsut asking if it is possible to choose the princess that you would like to meet, preferably one that resembles the princess and not a "generic" kinda like how in most cases the Jasmine's or Belle's resemble them but in Anna and Elsa's case they seem generics.

CommunicoreMay 28, 2014

Aurora is oldies, of course she ain't as popular. I mean Cinderella is older but this is her castle so yes she would be popular. Snow White is old too but for some reason she has a certain coolness factor. I think they should make Alice a princess too.

tl77May 28, 2014

that's right, forgot that, I always think of the Aristocats M&G there

MMDDGPCDCMay 28, 2014

You can also meet her at France

tl77May 28, 2014

My nieces seem to like the Aurora, but I've heard some people don't like the movie because it's either "too artsy" or "too scary" or doesn't have enough cute animals and comedic moments like the other princess movies, and even though Aurora has a castle in DL she is probably the least represented princess in WDW. Because Cinderella has the castle, Belle, Ariel, and Snow White now have mini lands in MK, along with Jasmine, Tiana and Merida who have their own little M&G areas. You can also meet the some of them in at their countries Epcot, and Pocahontas in AK, but Aurora isn't even included in the Sleeping Beauty section of the new parade... all she get's in WDW is that color change dress and the M&G with the Frozen sisters