Cinderella, Elena, Rapunzel and Tiana are back meeting guests at Magic Kingdom

30 days ago in "Princess Fairytale Hall"

Princess Fairytale Hall reopening
Posted: Thursday October 28, 2021 10:15am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Princess Fairytale Hall at Magic Kingdom has reopened this morning, bringing individualized indoor Disney Princess meet and greets back to Walt Disney World.

Guests are able to choose to meet Cinderella and Elena, or Rapunzel and Tiana - with separate lines for each pair.

As with the reopening of the Mickey Mouse meet and greet at Town Square Theater, masks are required, and no hugs or autographs are possible at this time.

Access to Fairytale Hall is currently via standby only, with wait times hovering around 30 minutes so far this morning.

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CastAStone17 days ago

My CM friend says See Disney Junior Pals at Animation Courtyard returns on the 19th as well

bdearl4118 days ago

taking my kids in May. I really hope these are normal by then.

celluloid19 days ago

I am sure they are excited to get the queued Meet and Greets returning as much as possible as that will be another venue that can use to sell Genie Plus.

wdrive20 days ago

Your post seemed to suggest that you weren’t too keen on these indoor meet and greets in their current state. They are doing plenty of outdoor meet and greets I’ve never argued against that, as I’ve said numerous times the indoor meet and greets have a way higher capacity. I’d say having Mickey and the Princesses back indoors is generally good for guests. Isn’t Mickey still outdoors at DHS? Feel free to see him there and take your photo without a mask. These indoor locations opening with masks is most likely the first step in them reopening with no masks and full meet and greets in these locations.

drizgirl20 days ago

Who said I want to ignore Covid protocols? They're doing the outdoor distanced "sightings" in plenty of other locations throughout the parks.

wdrive20 days ago

I’m not sure what you want outside of ignoring all Covid protocol. It’s probably only 10 minutes because it’s at this location. The interaction is going to be the same whether indoors or outdoors.

drizgirl20 days ago

Not indoor meet and greets. THESE indoor meet and greets. The ones that aren't even called meet and greets, but have been named "sightings" because the interaction is less and you can only do a distanced photo. Mickey right now has a 10 minute wait.

wdrive20 days ago

Indoor meet and greets have less demand? I’m not sure where you’re getting this from.

VJ20 days ago

disney knows if they bring back parades before verriest merriest or whatever it is, no one will spend the money to go to the event plus it's cheaper just not to run parades

drizgirl20 days ago

Yes I get it. But it's a catch 22 since this format moves so much faster and has much less demand. With wait times the way they are, I'd be surprised if they're running extra capacity right now anyway.

Nick_A20 days ago

Without literally spelling it out, you understand why the capacity for an indoor meet and greet is much higher than an outdoor meet and greet with the same character, right? That’s not a straw man argument.

GimpYancIent21 days ago

What will the upcharge be for "normal", this is just a tease (appreciated) but just a tease.

wdrive21 days ago

Of course but they probably want the capacity of the indoor meet and greet. I only brought up the other things because you said people would prefer maskless photos and I’m not arguing with that. I get that it isn’t ideal but not a lot has been ideal over the past 1.5 years. I think we should be happy when things creep back to normal not annoyed they aren’t fully normal again.

drizgirl21 days ago

But we're not talking about hugs and autographs yet. We're talking about distanced meets. Like they are doing with other characters around the parks already. Outdoors right now you can take the photos without masks. That's all I'm saying, so please don't make me a strawman for other issues.