Fantasyland refurbishment moves to the castle wall above Princess Fairytale Hall at the Magic Kingdom

17 days ago in "Princess Fairytale Hall"

Princess Fairytale Hall castle wall refurbishment - June 3 2021
Posted: Thursday June 3, 2021 11:03am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The refurbishment of Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom has moved onto Princess Fairytale Hall with crews working on the castle wall at the top of the building.

Each brick is being hand painted in different shades in a similar style to the recent Cinderella Castle updates.

Much of Fantasyland has been refreshed or is in the process of being refurbished ahead of the park's 50th anniversary celebrations which begin on October 1 2021.

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jmuboy15 days ago

These are base colors. They will be distressed to Match the lower castle bricks

Brian15 days ago

Glad to hear!

James Alucobond16 days ago

You ... realize the pink- and gold-toned ones are what's being painted over, right? The cooler gray tones were used in the castle repaint, and that's what they're matching here. They're just in the middle of painting by numbers, so different ones are mixed in. Also, none of these are unbelievable stone colors in isolation. You're just weirded out by the effect of seeing them all together while it's in progress.

Jabbas16 days ago

Did they ever finish the Peter Pan exterior refurb?

UNCgolf16 days ago

It does look pretty stupid/terrible. I kind of doubt it will be really noticeable in the park, though. Most people aren't paying attention to those walls.

Brian16 days ago

Also, those colors are ugly.

Brian16 days ago

Did I ever say that it was out of the question that they put those colors in? No. I said that they are not authentic colors for bricks; a fairly non-controversial point of view, if I do say so myself. When you consider all the elements of real world castles they put into the architecture of Cinderella Castle (such as gargoyles, arrow slits, battlements, etc), pink and gold bricks in what are supposed to represent perimeter walls do stand out.

Chomama16 days ago

At least it will start to fade?

Animaniac93-9816 days ago

Which means we're stuck with it until April 2023. :(

James Alucobond16 days ago

People really need to accept that this isn't changing until after the 50th. It'll be all right. We've lived through worse.

peter1143516 days ago

Good thing it’s called Fantasyland and not Realismland

Brian16 days ago

Looks like very authentic brick colors!

GimpYancIent17 days ago

Interesting but still not addressing the (ugh) pink.