Princess Elena of Avalor joining Princess Fairytale Hall

Oct 14, 2016 in "Princess Fairytale Hall"

Posted: Friday October 14, 2016 10:35am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Princess Elena will soon begin meet and greets at Princess Fairytale Hall in the Magic Kingdom.

Beginning November 24, you will be able to choose between a meeting with Elena and Cinderella or a visit with Rapunzel and Tiana. FastPass+ reservations for dates that include Elena appearances are available from today.

"The Princess Elena Royal Welcome" show will continue throughout the fall at Cinderella Castle.

Elena’s arrival at Walt Disney World Resort follows the launch of the new animated series, “Elena of Avalor,” which premiered on Disney Channel in July.

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Prince ThomasOct 17, 2016


HRHPrincessArielOct 16, 2016

My daughter most definitely does. I'm Positive she's not the only one seeing as Elena now has a M&G

Andrew COct 16, 2016

Which, moana or Elena?

BaconOct 16, 2016

Im gonna make a Moana thread ok? back to the topic

Prince ThomasOct 16, 2016

Does anyone really even care about this chick??? She's been around for like 5 minutes

BaconOct 15, 2016

Tavernacle12Oct 15, 2016

Depends. Optimistically she'd meet there or on Main Street like Snow White does. That would mean Disney would have to boost its character budget though, since the money that had been going to her is now going to Elena.

The Empress LillyOct 15, 2016

I'm not a fan of m&g's, and I resent the closure of Snow White for a toon meet with Disney Store looks. But other than that, any current character is not by default misplaced anywhere in the MK. Beats having Belle as the go-to princess for the Latino demograph, to which the presentation of an identifiable princess one assumes is the reason behind the enormous push of Elena in the parks.

tl77Oct 15, 2016

I don't know that you'd need to "cast" a Maui if it's full costume though... sometimes they even have tall ladies playing Goofy ...scandalous!

MagicHappens1971Oct 15, 2016

I'd love to see Maui & Moana together. They've been casting for Moana for weeks but nothing about Maui

tl77Oct 15, 2016

At the risk of going way off topic... I'm assuming Moana and Maui will meet together like Hiro and Baymax did, because they have a similar "buddy movie" kind of relationship, and that Moana would be face character/actress like the other princesses, and Maui would be a costume character... it would be great if they went the extra mile and made Maui a talking character like they have in the stage shows, with some kind of prerecorded stuff by Dwayne Johnson, like Josh Gad has been doing for Olaf in the parks, but then they could have an in-park Moana interact with costumed Maui the way Belle does with Lumiere in her Enchanted Storytime M&G/attraction, or like Merdia and her bear brothers at her little spot in the MK Which park Moana will show up in or how big Maui will be is anybody's guess at the moment, but the trailers for Moana look pretty good to me, and it seems like something that would appeal to both boys and girls, so assuming it's a hit film I'd be surprised if both Maui and Moana don't show up in the parks sooner or later

BaconOct 15, 2016

shall i make a moana meet and greet thread?

BaconOct 15, 2016

The wall of presidents?

MagicHappens1971Oct 15, 2016

Oops I didn't realize you guys were talking about Moana.