The Magic Kingdom welcomes Princess Elena of Avalor

Aug 11, 2016 in "The Royal Welcome of Princess Elena of Avalor"

The Royal Welcome of Princess Elena of Avalor
Posted: Thursday August 11, 2016 1:03pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney today welcomed a new princess to the Magic Kingdom - Princess Elena of Avalor.

Elena, who appears in the Disney Channel series “Elena of Avalor,” will be appearing on the Cinderella Castle Stage for a limited time in a brief show - "The Royal Welcome of Princess Elena of Avalor."

Show times are 9:05am, 10am, 12:20pm, 1:35pm, starting August 12 2016.

Check out the video below for the very first appearance of Elena at Walt Disney World.

The new castle show, Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire, continues to perform as normal.

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Ryan H. SerowinskiOct 14, 2016

Can't wait to really meet her when I go in the Spring!(which is the next time I'm going to WDW)

YodaManOct 14, 2016

YodaManOct 09, 2016

It seems Elena was meeting guests in Princess Fairytale Hall today

Sped2424Aug 20, 2016

The show itself is alright (having seen more than a few episodes) but it's far from amazing, it's very a much aimed at the 5-10 crowd with little to no appeal for anyone else imo. My issue is being latino my whole life nothing would have given me greater joy than to see a fairytale musical from Disney animation focused on latin culture. But when I heard that quote "Disney's first latina Princess" would be a sofia spin off and be headed straight to tv I felt a little..irked. My thing is Disney seems to be patting themselves on the back for this character who they have given a very definite shelf life in my opinion and are hailing her as the next offical princess. Say what you want but tv shows just don't age with the same reverence as films do, especially in comparison to ones of the Disney animated film variety. Not only that but last I checked sofia is not apart of the actual princess lineup, so why would Elena be any different? I mean I get that this show is great representation for kids watching tv and that in itself is wonderful. But they could have done something timeless and something that transcends this whole thing just being the new "Latina Princess". They could have told a story that could have stood the test of generations the way all their other classics manage to do rather than again what we got (which is way beyond convoluted in terms of the show's origin "story"). Gotta have something there in order for everything else to actually shine. So for now she is the new it thing, but so was phineas and ferb, and kim possible before that yet where are those properties now? I mean ask a kid on the street who ron stoppable is then follow up and ask them if they know who Jasmine is. Most if not all will know the latter rather than the former. I feel if they had done this sort of move with Tiana and made her a spin off character straight to tv there would have been a lot of comments and mixed feelings about it or just pure outrage. Yet here Disney is literally tooting their own horn for being so "inclusive" idk it just leaves me a little jaded I guess.

Andrew CAug 19, 2016

To be honest, DW already bought my little girl her scepter. And she will be getting additional Elena toys from Santa. :cautious: What can I say? She is into it so we buy the merch.

AuggieAug 19, 2016

i have overlooked too many statements today.

Matt_BlackAug 19, 2016

Which is why Andrew C included the qualifier "for the most part".

AuggieAug 19, 2016

well some more than others

Matt_BlackAug 19, 2016

I don't think any other Princess plays an instrument aside from Rapunzel, so yeah, that is pretty cool. (Well, depending on how canonical you view The Little Mermaid animated series, Ariel taught herself how to play the harp.)

Andrew CAug 19, 2016

I like that she plays a guitar. Different from other princesses for the most part.

Matt_BlackAug 19, 2016

I've been watching the show, and it's fun, though at least one of the "morals" had be rolling my eyes, or rather I found the resolution of the possible conflicts that would have arisen to be remarkably contrived.

Sped2424Aug 19, 2016

I'm conflicted on this character

Matt_BlackAug 19, 2016

Yeah, Disney Junior has been on fire lately. Sofia, The Lion Guard, Miles From Tomorrowland... Lots of good stuff. Now if only Disney XD can get on the same track.

AuggieAug 19, 2016

that's true ><; you kinda notice it in the pacing though, with how quickly the lines are delivered by cinderella and elena. i guess that's more what i meant by that, but i messed up the phrasing. another thing worth noting for those who weren't aware: elena does walk throughout the park after each stage show (around fantasyland only) with her guitar and other people playing instruments around her. it makes for a better video op than photo op since she doesn't really make any stops and, again, it's not an actual meet and greet.