Peter Pan's Flight closing for short refurbishment in early November

Sep 21, 2015 in "Peter Pan's Flight"

Posted: Monday September 21, 2015 1:00pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Peter Pan's Flight at the Magic Kingdom will be closing for a short refurbishment in early November 2015.

The closure begins on November 2 and runs through to November 7, reopening to guests on November 8 2015.

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Cosmic CommandoNov 12, 2015

Yes, we caught it for the first time during morning EMH the day it reopened. It was exactly what I thought it would be: a good way to spend a 30 minute wait, but not the 60 minute waits Pan normally gets. I'm glad I saw it, and I'm also glad I normally use FP for the ride. Just the AC alone makes it worthwhile, but it was actually fun.

Texas84Nov 12, 2015

Those were my two thoughts from Tuesday's ride. On another note, saw the new queue for the first time and it was fun. Kids were loving it.

Cosmic CommandoNov 09, 2015

Nothing crazy. Good movement on lots of small things, though swordfighting Hook and Pan were static. Traffic in London looked good and Wendy shook on the plank. Tin foil volcano as well as ever.

Cosmic CommandoNov 09, 2015

I should be there for morning EMH tomorrow... I hope they finally added that loop to Peter Pan that I've been asking for.

RSoxNo1Nov 09, 2015

Looks like refurb was adjusted to 11/2-11/8

DisneyGentlemanNov 06, 2015

Peter Pan, brought to you by our friends at Reynolds Aluminum. Hooks line will be changes to "Curses, foiled again".

Cosmic CommandoNov 06, 2015

I have FP for the 9th and it hasn't booted me yet or anything... we'll see how it goes.

RSoxNo1Nov 06, 2015

Pan's capacity is around 1100-1200, not horrible, but not great. I'm sure it's lower in Disneyland.

JohnDNov 05, 2015

Interesting. I'll be in MK on 11/9. Guess I'll have to miss it. But going to MVMCP on 11/10. Will make sure to hop on then.

anchorman314Nov 05, 2015

I think I recall seeing a sign towards the end of the queue advocating 5 people can fit in a single ship: 3 adults and 2 children on laps. I looked at it and thought "NOPE".

punkabellaNov 05, 2015

Technically, the average they want to fill each ship with is 3, with the possibility of four with a small child/infant. They tried to get me and my two girlfriends in the same ship together. Would we have fit, sure.. would it be comfortable? If we were sardines, maybe.

MansionButler84Nov 05, 2015

Exactly. Its capacity is abysmal.

lnsemsfNov 05, 2015

I think the answer is that the average vehicle on Pan holds 2 people, compared to a much higher capacity on every other ride in existence, except Mr. Toad in California.

polynesiangirlNov 05, 2015

YES. This ride...I don't get it. People, I have been to WDW almost every year of my 30-plus years on this earth. I love WDW, and irrationally so. I continue to give them a lot of my money in spite of what I know are its many flaws. But...I just don't get this ride. WHY is this line ways so long? I promise I love a good, corny dark ride as much as the next WDW nerd, but every time we go and the line is like 60 minutes long when everything else that is similar is at a 10-minute wait...I always feel bad for the newbies who must think that they're in for a seriously awesome experience given its relatively gigantic wait time.