PHOTOS - Exterior refurbishment at Peter Pan's Flight in the Magic Kingdom

Feb 18, 2021 in "Peter Pan's Flight"

Peter Pan's Flight exterior refurbishment
Posted: Thursday February 18, 2021 9:42am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Peter Pan's Flight at the Magic Kingdom is currently under exterior refurbishment.

Scrims are so far in place over the side of the building facing the Tangled restroom area, but are not yet the photographic scrims that we typically see. Despite the heavy exterior scrim work, the ride is operating as normal.

This area has already seen 'it's a small world' receive an exterior refresh ahead of the Magic Kingdom's 50th anniversary later this year.

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JabbasMar 08, 2021

Very bright!

yensidtlaw1969Mar 04, 2021

The pathways are narrower at Disneyland in California - but I agree with you that Paris is stunning. If Disneyland is a wine meant to be sipped and savored, Disneyland Paris is, fittingly, Champagne. WDW is closer to Box Wine - not the premium product but it'll mostly get you where you're going.

N2druMar 04, 2021

I like your ideas, however IASW to me is a castle park attraction. Similar to Space Mountain, POTC or HM. Guests have come to expect and closely associate these attractions with the castle parks. I know I do. True, on paper IASW could work at Epcot but I feel its so ingrained in the guest's Disney psyche that it's placement anywhere but Fantasyland wouldn't connect and feel out of place. imo.

RSoxNo1Mar 04, 2021

You rang? Moving IASW would allow for a lot more than just Pinocchio Daring Journey.

SpoiledBlueMilkMar 03, 2021

100% agree. Paris wins hands-down. The biggest problem with recreating it here would be the width of the walkways - far too narrow for an American audience.

cookiee_munsterMar 03, 2021

yes, Yes, YES!

Fox&HoundMar 03, 2021

Can I like this a million times?

BocabearMar 02, 2021

The bottleneck right there in Fantasyland is hard to address without MAJOR rebuild...Might be worth it in the long run though... Build a new PPF where the Circus tent Meet and Greet things are... New generation, new vehicles, like Shanghai just did...Remove the circus Train splash pad and create a new Neverland Experience...Pirate ship, a Tink meet and greet...the works. Re purpose PPF to a smaller Tangled attraction... Then the big thing: Move IASW completely to EPCOT. In it's place there would be space for yet another new dark ride... Perhaps Pinocchio's Daring Journey...since it is right next to the Pinocchio Village Haus, ..The smaller footprint of that dark ride would allow them to push the facades back and create a larger Village Square... and Voila! Loss of one attraction (IASW), gain three (Tangled, Pinocchio, New Expanded PPF. No Bottleneck...Beautiful refreshed, spacious Fantasyland... One Caveat: They would HAVE to build a new IASW at EPCOT.

DoleWhipDreaMar 02, 2021

Yes! I honestly get claustrophobic every time I’m in that area (even before COVID.) Honestly with the FL makeover, the strangest thing IMHO was not moving away from the medieval and circus tent look. Just makes me miss Disneyland more.

Magic FeatherMar 01, 2021

I doubt it would ever happen, but IMO the flow of the area could/would be greatly improved if PPF's entrance moved where this construction currently is.

mitchkMar 01, 2021

2 days ago

MadTeacupFeb 22, 2021

Honestly, I'd be surprised if there wasn't a full set of plans drafted to do exactly that. From what I understand, the NFL project was originally intended as a full land refresh and was gradually scaled down.

N2druFeb 22, 2021

I think TDO reasoning for not giving PPF a complete Bavarian facade redo is because it's within the castle walls and there is suppose to be a royal fair going on. I.E. the cheap way out. I'm sure there is a way to incorporate a fully fleshed out Bavarian themed facade for PPF, IASW, and MP, losing the tents and banners, while not turning the old SWSA into a M&G but I digress.