Construction walls down at Peter Pan's Flight as exterior refurbishment nears completion

Jun 21, 2021 in "Peter Pan's Flight"

Peter Pan's Flight exterior refurbishment - June 21 2021
Posted: Monday June 21, 2021 8:34am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Construction walls are down at Peter Pan's Flight in the Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland.

The exterior has been behind construction scrims for the last couple of months as work has continued refreshing the exterior ahead of Walt Disney World's 50th Anniversary celebrations in October.

Although the walls are now down, there is still a little more to come, as the main sign over the entrance is still a temporary banner.

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Jabbas7 days ago

Disneyland’s fantasyland reminds me of the series once upon a time as far as the buildings go where as ours kind of looks like a Carnival. Lol.

Inspired Figment7 days ago

Tbh, I think it makes WDW all the more unique from DL now.. a bit of a leftover of classic pre-‘83 DL Fantasyland if you will. I like it. You have a bit of classic Fantasyland on one side with the new stuff on the other side.

MagicHappens19717 days ago

They definitely could and should be, but it seems to the be that shipped has sailed for at least the near future. Here’s to a glimpse of what we could have (it’s nice to look)

Animaniac93-987 days ago

It looks like the gold toppers for the canopies are the last pieces still missing.

James Alucobond7 days ago

Too much else is in disarray at the moment for this to have ever been a priority for the 50th even in the most ideal of circumstances. Tomorrowland has been in dire need of attention for a while. The jousting tent facades, meanwhile, are perfectly fine. They could certainly be much more, but the park needs more capacity and a functioning Tomorrowland more desperately than it needs a prettier alley behind the castle.

Bocabear7 days ago

That should have happened for the 50th Not just brighter paint

jagiord17 days ago

It's crazy to think that these tents exist in the same land as New Fantasyland. Say what you want about the attractions themselves, but that area is so beautiful. I'd really love for them to re-think the entire theming of the original Fantasyland, it could definitely be elevated.

wdwmagic8 days ago

Refurbished sign returns to the main entrance of Peter Pan's Flight at the Magic Kingdom

RSoxNo1Jun 23, 2021

I've got it replacing The Odyssey.

James AlucobondJun 22, 2021

Paint is all you're getting and you'll like it. And maybe eventual removal of all scenes with indigenous peoples.

BocabearJun 22, 2021

What if IASW was at the Port Of Entry location with the Party Table Bar on the roof? Tucked in among the spires and architectural pieces... It could be beautiful...It would make sense as the Gateway to the World and very fitting to have a World's Fair Attraction in a park largely inspired by the World's Fair...

BocabearJun 22, 2021

The new Peter Pan at Shanghai Disneyland was charming... About the same overall length as ours, but it is scored and tells more of a story... Ours feels like an old Muzak backtrack randomly on loop... SDL has a complete score that follows the action... And added projections like they did with the Disneyland Alice. PPF is undoubtedly the most popular attraction in Fantasyland and could use some love...

cookiee_munsterJun 22, 2021

I do hope that the castle portion of Fantasyland will get a disneyland'eque makeover. It needs a lot of love, and really needs updating. Princess Fairytale Hall needs to have some kind of attraction in it. God, even if it were like a princess theme like the scene in Wreck It Ralph 2 i wouldn't care! 😝 I'm really intrigued to see what tokyo has to offer in regard to this new Peter Pan ride. It'll be interesting to see whether they decide to retire the original ride at their Castle park because of it....

Splashin' RyanJun 22, 2021

Since IASM would undoubtedly go into WS at EP, would you be thinking a new area between Port of Entry and Traders or behind America? I feel IASM might actually make more sense at EP the more I think about it.