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Aug 11, 2017 in "Mission: SPACE"

Posted: Friday August 11, 2017 2:14pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Mission: SPACE officially reopens Sunday August 13, but guests at Epcot got a sneak preview earlier today.

While fundamentally the same as before, the space flight simulator now features a more family friendly Green Mission that takes guests on a flight over the Earth. The intense Orange Mission remains available, but has updated visuals, making the experience much more up-to-date and realistic.

Actress Gina Torres will now provides the pre-show briefings, replacing Gary Sinise. The 48 year old actress has appeared in Westworld (as Lauren), Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (as Nebula), Xena: Warrior Princess (as Cleopatra), and most recently as Jessica Pearson in the USA Network series Suits.

The height requirement remains at 44" for Orange, but has been dropped to 40" for Green, with Disney providing restaurant-style booster seats for small children.

Here is a video of the new pre-show briefing, and a flight aboard the new Green Mission. Note, the onboard visuals in-person look better than how they are shown in this video.

The new Green Mission fits the ride profile's limited motion much better than the old Green version, and the updated visuals make the experience much more realistic. As before, each rider has tasks to perform during the mission, although the input has no direct impact on the outcome of the flight.

For those with motion sickness, the changes don't really change much in that regard. If you are still sensitive, it may be best not to ride. And those with claustrophobia should definitely stay well clear, as nothing has change in relation to the very tight cabin.

Overall, the changes are an improvement, and bring Mission: SPACE up-to-date with much improved graphics. If you liked Mission: SPACE before, you'l like it even more now. If you didn't, the updates are probably not going to change your opinion.

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RSoxNo1Dec 08, 2017

THE Monorail LimeDec 08, 2017

Epic poster=epic ride

peter11435Nov 30, 2017

They always post Orange higher than green regardless of what the actual wait time might be.

Biff215Nov 29, 2017

Might have been a simulator down, but I’ve also found wait times for MS to be very unreliable. Not sure if they inflate them to make it seem more popular or maybe to push some from orange to green. We were there at the end of August and it was a walk on both times, felt bad wasting a FP although tier 2 is mostly pointless anyway. My 5 year old loved green and he would have been otherwise unable to ride, but I kind of missed the old less extreme version. Just seemed very boring to me when compared to the Mars mission.

Kevin_WNov 29, 2017

Last month we used a FP for orange and they were only operating 1 simulator, but it looked like they still had given out the same # of FP. So the standby line, while not physically long, had a big wait.

Brer OswaldNov 29, 2017

I went the day prior to the official opening. Ride was a walk on.

TJ VazquezNov 29, 2017

Well, i'm not sure if it had everything to do with the long lines, but the attraction had just re-opened on August 13th after a lengthy refurb.

FrizzballNov 29, 2017

I don't know whether I just went at a weird time (which I doubt because I was there in the relatively quiet last week of August) but the queue time for both missions was incredibly long. Orange was at 120 minutes and Green at 40 which led to us choosing the latter.

sedatiNov 28, 2017

I had the chance for a second ride and was planning on trying green, but went with orange a second time (even after imbibing.) Hopefully I can check this out eventually- some complain that it doesn't look like much, but I love the idea of a simple sightseeing orbit with hurricane finale.

Tom MorrowNov 28, 2017

Finally got to do the new green mission and as someone who was very familiar with both versions of the old version, I believe they definitely compensated for lack of spinning with more tilting than the old green version. A definite improvement in my opinion.

larryzOct 21, 2017

Well, not exactly -- you also get to experience the "race to Mars" game AND that out-of-this-world gift shop...

AEfxOct 20, 2017

The same could be said for TSMM (via a Wii), or Star Tours (since the video is online), etc., or any other simulator. ;)

RSoxNo1Oct 20, 2017

You can experience the fly over the earth safely in the confines of your own home by watching the logo animation of any Universal movie.

bclaneOct 20, 2017

Dang that would have been awesome! So frustrating that they cut the rest out...