EPCOT's Mission SPACE set to undergo exterior refresh

Jun 05, 2023 in "Mission: SPACE"

Mission SPACE Exterior refurbishment - June 1 2023
Posted: Monday June 5, 2023 10:22am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Construction walls are up at EPCOT's Mission SPACE for work to begin on an exterior refurbishment.


The walls surround most of the Planetary Plaza entrance area, which will likely receive new paints on the planets.

Mission SPACE is operating as normal during the refurbishment.

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DCBaker16 days ago

Photos from today - Planet Earth was removed a few weeks ago and the left side has recently reopened after pavement work.

DCBakerAug 05, 2023

The entrance area has opened up and the moveable planters have shifted over to the area around the Mission: SPACE and Space 220 signs.

ppete1975Jun 05, 2023

I think this is being done due to the bad press their condition was getting on some sites. That being said, it didnt work for the monorails, so this must have been really cheap to do.

rdoncseczJun 05, 2023

Sad news -- i was hoping it could be next on the chopping block for replacement lol.

Disstevefan1Jun 05, 2023

I hope they don't destroy this attraction with their "refresh".

Magicart87Jun 05, 2023

I'd work on making the attraction worth visiting.

Skibum1970Jun 05, 2023

Given the current trend, they will either just paint it blue or they will paint some movie characters on the planets.

esskayJun 05, 2023

Ha, this might explain the random wall of planters hiding nothing sitting near connections cafe a few days ago. It does look a tad dated so a minor refresh would be appreciated!