VIDEO - First full-scale test of Walt Disney World's new 'Luminous' nighttime spectacular at EPCOT

29 days ago in "Luminous the Symphony of Us"

Luminous the Symphony of Us - Show test
Posted: Sunday November 5, 2023 9:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

With just a month to go until the debut of EPCOT's new nighttime spectacular 'Luminous The Symphony of Us,' Walt Disney Imagineers carried out a near full run-though for the first time late last night.

Taking place after the park closed just after midnight, the run-through gave us a look at the pyrotechnic design and some of the lighting effects visible above the tree line.

The 'Luminous' audio was masked by loud background music being played at International Gateway, but some of the new soundtrack could be heard in the distance.

There are two new original songs and new arrangements of Disney movie songs including:

  • "I See the Light" - Tangled
  • "You've Got a Friend in Me" - Toy Story
  • "You'll Be in My Heart" - Tarzan
  • "Proud Corazon" - Coco
  • "Friend Like Me" - Aladdin
  • "So Close" - Enchanted
  • "When She Loved Me"- Toy Story 2
  • "Remember Me" - Coco
  • "Into the Unknown" - Frozen 2

For a better listen of the show's music, see last week's post with a behind-the-scenes look at recording the 'Luminous The Symphony of Us' soundtrack.

The runtime of 'Luminous' is around 16 minutes based on last night's test, which puts it slightly shorter than the 20-minute runtime of 'Harmonious 'but longer than the 12-minute-long 'EPCOT Forever,' which 'Luminous' replaces.

Unlike 'Harmonious,' 'Luminous' will not use any video displays and returns to the successful formula of IllumiNations, with fireworks, lighting, and fountains. Although it is difficult to gauge the quantity of fireworks in use, from this test, 'Luminous' appears to have more pyro than either 'EPCOT Forever' or 'Harmonious.' The test also confirmed the continued use of the lagoon seawall perimeter launches, which were fired numerous times at the show's beginning and finale.

Although this test was close to being the entire show, there is more to come, including a center barge, which we have seen in recent concept art. This seventh major show platform is not yet in the lagoon, and is likely to play a significant role in the show's finale.

Watch the video below to see 'Luminous The Symphony of Us.' (4K YouTube)

'Luminous, The Symphony of Us' will debut at Walt Disney World's EPCOT on December 5, 2023.

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HMF2 hours ago

I guess i have to make peace with the fact my EPCOT is gone. Sigh!

Squishy2 hours ago

It is a IP infused show, kind of following the recent trend of a original soundtrack in the beginning & ending with IP sandwiched between.

HMF2 hours ago

I will judge it for myself tomorrow once the vids come in. I really want to be excited and happy but if the rumors are true and it's another IP-fest rather than a true successor to Reflections of Earth. I am probably going to be disappointed.

Starship8243 hours ago

As some else said it's probably in regards to the world showcase torches, but hey if it is flames that could be really cool.

vikescaper4 hours ago

Could that be in reference to the lagoon torches?


Laser barge 2.0?

Squishy4 hours ago

They weren't noticeable in the recent tests though, Illuminations & Hollywood Studios flames used to light up the sky, makes me wonder if they were cut while in the programming phase after Disneyland did rapid demolition.

Starship8244 hours ago

Squishy4 hours ago

I noticed this in the Luminous video, flames?

dark5304 hours ago

I kinda loved the lighting designer who clearly had no time for and wanted nothing to do with the video. Everyone in these videos is always so saccharine, and he was like "We've got a ton of lights. And computers. And barges. None of them work, I'm very busy, please leave."

Squishy4 hours ago

Curious, anyone know the reason why they always rope off this area for fireworks?

Brian4 hours ago

trainplane34 hours ago

Not even that. There were double and quad fireworks instead of single and double. I always made fun of V3 for being light on everything but tonight I think it showed up? That's what I meant. More shells throughout the show.

Squishy5 hours ago

Didn't seem to have any pyro changes from previous recent shows, maybe finale had a bit more shells.