First Listen: The music of 'Luminous The Symphony of Us' coming soon to EPCOT

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Posted: Friday November 3, 2023 11:20am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has just released a behind-the-scenes look at creating the music of "Luminous The Symphony of Us," opening December 5, 2023 at EPCOT.


Disney says, "Much like a beautiful piece of music, 'Luminous The Symphony of Us' is made up of a series of movements, each representing life experiences that we have in common, showing us that we're more alike than we are different. Punctuating these movements are two original songs written just for the spectacular, as well as new arrangements of carefully selected Disney songs we all know and love."

The team at Disney Live Entertainment has worked with Pinar Toprak on the show’s score. Among the choir of voices lending their vocal talents to the score are singer/songwriter Sheléa and Katharine McPhee.

Disney Live Entertainment Creative Director Steven Davison said, "It's a lot about what Epcot is about. And a lot of it's done through music. We've been in London, we've been in Scotland. We've been in Nashville and in Orlando and really bringing all those voices together in a fun fun way."

At the start of the show, World Showcase comes to life as we hear voices from each pavilion welcoming us to this great gathering. With the tap of a conductor's baton, our first movement begins with the original song, "Heartbeat Symphony."

With the stage set, the symphony takes us to the tender love of parenthood, highlighting childhood moments where each of our journeys began and featuring a stirring, multilingual arrangement of "You'll Be in My Heart." The symphony then transitions to "Proud Corazón" as we find our voice in a movement dedicated to the bonds of family. Friendship follows, with classic songs like "You've Got a Friend in Me" and "Friend Like Me" taking us back to the days of recess and friendship bracelets.

Set to a sweeping arrangement of "So Close," the romance movement celebrates the moments when we find someone with whom our melody blends.

Inevitably in life, we experience the quiet loneliness of loss, but as "When She Loved Me" and "Remember Me" bring us "Into the Unknown," the echoes of those around us remind us that we're never truly alone. As we come out of the darkness, the music crescendos to "I See the Light" from "Tangled," launching us into the finale – and the second original song, entitled "Beating of our Hearts" – where we all come together as one and find our place in the great symphony of life.

Watch the video below (YouTube) for this behind-the-scenes look at some of the music recording sessions for "Luminous The Symphony of Us," including a sneak preview of the original song, "Heartbeat Symphony."

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Squishy17 minutes ago

I rechecked and apparently not, torches are defined separately

HMF3 hours ago

I guess i have to make peace with the fact my EPCOT is gone. Sigh!

Squishy3 hours ago

It is a IP infused show, kind of following the recent trend of a original soundtrack in the beginning & ending with IP sandwiched between.

HMF3 hours ago

I will judge it for myself tomorrow once the vids come in. I really want to be excited and happy but if the rumors are true and it's another IP-fest rather than a true successor to Reflections of Earth. I am probably going to be disappointed.

Starship8244 hours ago

As some else said it's probably in regards to the world showcase torches, but hey if it is flames that could be really cool.

vikescaper5 hours ago

Could that be in reference to the lagoon torches?


Laser barge 2.0?

Squishy5 hours ago

They weren't noticeable in the recent tests though, Illuminations & Hollywood Studios flames used to light up the sky, makes me wonder if they were cut while in the programming phase after Disneyland did rapid demolition.

Starship8245 hours ago

Squishy5 hours ago

I noticed this in the Luminous video, flames?

dark5305 hours ago

I kinda loved the lighting designer who clearly had no time for and wanted nothing to do with the video. Everyone in these videos is always so saccharine, and he was like "We've got a ton of lights. And computers. And barges. None of them work, I'm very busy, please leave."

Squishy5 hours ago

Curious, anyone know the reason why they always rope off this area for fireworks?

Brian5 hours ago

trainplane35 hours ago

Not even that. There were double and quad fireworks instead of single and double. I always made fun of V3 for being light on everything but tonight I think it showed up? That's what I meant. More shells throughout the show.