IBM's THINK and Test the Limits exhibits to close in early January

Dec 26, 2014 in "Innoventions"

Posted: Friday December 26, 2014 10:42am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

THINK by IBM at Inventions West will close on January 1 2015 and Test the Limits Lab at Inventions East will close on January 6 2015.

Both exhibits have reached the end of their sponsorship period, with no word yet on any replacements. THINK by IBM opened in January 2013.

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5thGenTexanMar 05, 2015

I don't think so. All three of those are to the thrill end of the spectrum, and I was going for more for what Epcot used to be. I am one of those 80's kids that enjoyed EPCOT Center and I couldn't give two rips about thrills. :) I can see an exhibition space with actual or mock-ups of Space X, Virgin Galactic spacecraft. What they are currently working with as well as prototypes. I know its dreaming of the highest order, but I would love an omnimover starting at a spaceport (whoever is sponsoring) highlighting civilian delivery into orbit or suborbit. How many people really understand that there are spaceports around the country and world under construction or at least in a development stage? Places where companies are fighting to be the first to put a civilian into space as a tourist. This is the kind of stuff that screams EPCOT Center.

GoofyernmostMar 04, 2015

Doesn't that kind of define Mission: Space, Space Mountain and Star Tours?

GrumpyFanMar 04, 2015

Didn't that open around 2003? If so, it's time. Wonder what/if anything is planned to replace? A Big Hero 6 type of convention/lab with interactions would be a great fit. Not sure what all it would include though.

danlb_2000Mar 04, 2015

Yep, makes sense.

5thGenTexanMar 04, 2015

I have in the past shared my thoughts on sponsorship at MK that would fit perfectly in Tomorrowland. Perhaps better in Epcot. Space X, Virgin Galactic, probably even Spaceport America itself. Space tourism is still in its infancy and will one day be a reality. However, I think the ability for "normal" people to experience a quick trip to space is a long way off. It's perfect "World's Fair" type material. Something that is possible and achievable, but at the same time is not going to happen tomorrow. This is old If You Had Wings type stuff. Show what tourism WILL be like when a trip into Earth orbit is an option.

RSoxNo1Mar 04, 2015

Per @orlando_parks on Twitter... UL may be for Underwriter Laboratories who sponsor the Test the Limits lab. That has already closed.

GoofyernmostMar 03, 2015

It was the other way around for me. I spent my time in East Communicore and almost never went into the West.

GrumpyFanMar 03, 2015

I wrote the following in a blog last year, in response to someone else's comment regarding the Failure of Epcot. In the absence of a charismatic visionary, such as Walt, who could lead the company and sell its successes in such a way that businesses would eagerly buy into and even line up to be a part of, it became more of an expense for the companies that did buy in rather than an investment that yielded returns and name brand recognition. Without investors to help fund the parks and attractions, Disney is left developing and funding them out of their own pockets, which means they have to find something suitable and/or entertaining enough to draw the public in order to produce a quick return on their investment. Good or bad, this means that many of the attractions are going to be based on pop-culture or current, proven entertainment media such as movies like Frozen or even Avatar, because, developing and building original attractions and stories is expensive and a risk that nobody wants to gamble millions of dollars on. I liken it to Iron Man 2 where they had the Stark Expo, and vendors were eager to pitch their latest products and the public was excited to get in to see these on display. The Disney company no longer has that kind of pull, mainly because they don't have a leader who can cast a vision or sell the brand like that.

CommunicoreMar 03, 2015

I only spent time in there at the former Communicore area near Club Cool where they had the 25th exhibits. Other than that I never went.

CommunicoreMar 03, 2015

These exhibits are total jokes.

englanddgMar 03, 2015

This is why Disney needs to partner with the people who organize CES. :P

danlb_2000Mar 03, 2015

There was a permit filed today with the description "Innoventions UL Demolition" which I assume it for the Test the Limits exhibit.

Little Green MenJan 10, 2015

I would say that LwtL is still relevant. I doubt most people have heard of tomato trees or spraying water directly on roots. It also has a sponsor and the laboratory was recently updated with a lot of new things. Energy was a successful update in 1996 by making a dry attraction more engaging, some still enjoy it but it could definitely use an update. All the movies in WS have had updates besides France. I'd say it still holds up despite the clothes and hairstyles shown.

GoofyernmostJan 10, 2015

I think that the major reason is that back when EPCOT CTR. opened the world of technology was completely different. There was no internet and technology, although starting to move along, wasn't changing nearly as fast as it is now. A business could set up a demonstration of new or experimental technology and know that it would stay current for a reasonable amount of time. That doesn't happen anymore and companies hesitate to even attempt to try and keep up with technology in a solid based display when technologically they can show that in so many more ways now then were available in the early 80's. Now by the time they set up an exhibit, technology will have already left it behind. So, It's no longer beneficial for companies to spend the considerable expense of live demonstrations of what will be obsolete before the first person sees it.