Rehearsals to begin soon at Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! as its return to Disney's Hollywood Studios begins

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Posted: Monday September 27, 2021 2:10pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Cast and crew at the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! are returning to work over the next couple of weeks as the show prepares to return to Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Rehearsals are planned to begin mid-October with a view to the show returning to Walt Disney World towards the end of the year or early 2022. The show has remained closed since the COVID-19 shutdown in March 2020.

As we have seen at Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage and A Celebration of Festival of the Lion King, the show is likely to be modified and will feature fewer performers than the original show.

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Disone1 day ago

Good thought

mnelson31 day ago

And a brand new Christmas parade with a nighttime version 🙄.

DznyGrlSD1 day ago

Probably more for setting up/getting ready for runDisney. Wine/dine finish line is behind Guardians

ToTBellHop1 day ago

Even DLP is bringing daytime parades back in January. C’mon WDW!

Disone1 day ago

The EPCOT trams were moved from east tram lane near Gardians to the very back row if Explore. Probably more Guardians construction-related than anything else. But at least we know they have people who can still drive a tram:)

ToTBellHop2 days ago

Sounds about right. I’m unaware of a set schedule for HDD. They want social distancing gone.

DCBaker2 days ago

STM tweeted this after the tweet was deleted -

Nick_A2 days ago

I don’t think anyone is doubting he said it, like you said it’s unclear if it’s true or not. Randy the piano player made a very similar comment on the 50th when he returned to Casey’s for the day (Randy is one of the two full-time Professor Tommy’s at Hoop, aka the piano player). It’s more likely that Streaming the Magic was asked by someone at Disney (maybe Yehaa Bob himself?) to remove it because Disney wants to control these announcements. For the record, when Streaming the Magic posted this on their Facebook page, someone tagged one of the show’s performers and he replied with a winking emoji. So, signs would certainly point towards this being true.

Bullseye19672 days ago

He did say it. I saw a video of it. Whether it is true or not remains to be seen, but I does make sense he would be in touch with other performers. Especially those who's contracts expired and we're doing other gigs.

mikejs782 days ago

Supposedly Yeehaa Bob said that Hoop de Doo was returning in January.

ToTBellHop2 days ago

What was in that tweet? It was pulled.

mikejs782 days ago

Not just summer but through the end of the year.

drumbum672 days ago

It seems that Disney just opened up a ton of new hotel rooms for summer 2022. If anyone has had trouble booking a certain room type for next summer, you should have more luck this morning!

castlecake2.03 days ago

Lollll no