The Hall of Presidents to reopen late 2017 featuring a speaking role for Trump

Jun 26, 2017 in "The Hall of Presidents"

Posted: Monday June 26, 2017 7:13am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has confirmed this weekend to News13 in Orlando that the Hall of Presidents will reopen in late 2017.

In a statement to News13, Disney has confirmed that Trump will have a speaking role in the Magic Kingdom attraction.

"The same thing that we've done with other presidents, is the same plan we have for President Trump," said Jacquee Wahler, vice president of communications. 

The attraction closed on  January 17, with an originally planned reopening to guests on June 30 2017. Speculation has suggested that Disney has been eager to distance itself from current political challenges, which may explain the later than expected opening of the Liberty Square attraction.

Disney's My Disney Experience app currently shows the attraction closed through the end of December 31 2017.

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Mr StarkyMay 28, 2019

Let's just say that there were things going on in life. I now have the opportunity to begin enjoying some things after going through a literal Hell. And since Disney is timeless, I figured why not.

Hockey89May 28, 2019

Don't rush greatness lol

ABQMay 28, 2019

You waited over two years to reply to that post?

Mr StarkyMay 28, 2019

Ehhh, you went WAY beyond what I was implying. The Presidency is current. Things like the PotC is a snapshot of what once was. I see your point there. But depending on Political Philosophy, the HoP can trigger a real world conversation, in what is a fantasy world distraction. I'm simply saying, I prefer to enjoy the break from reality, and enjoy the fun of fantasy while in WDW. The SO CALLED NEWS, will be there when I return home. :/

danyoung56Mar 05, 2018

Good to hear! What did you think of Trump's look?

Fractal514Jan 05, 2018

Be careful what you ask for... Well, this article is despicable. I get what they are saying, but it misses the point that unlike everyone else protesting, this guy did so in an ineffective and arguably inappropriate setting. I would just like to add that an article on is not the New York Times, CNN, or any real mainstream media and I don't believe I've seen anyone cheering him there. But if they did, then they don't speak for me.

21stampsJan 05, 2018

Here ya go...I think this would consist of a fact to support my statement :) This man screaming “lock him up” at Disney World’s Trumpbot is all of us. (The text is too political to include here)

Fractal514Jan 05, 2018

What liberal media condoned it? I haven't seen any. This is the kind of false statement that goes unquestioned and eventually becomes seen as fact. Folks ASSUME that liberals will condone this and then project it onto us. We think this guy is stupid just as you do. End of story. No need to let it divide us at all.

The MomDec 31, 2017

Dammit, you're right. More like almost 70 years ago - but the song was on an album produced around 1950, so the song may have been written earlier. ;)

Nemo14Dec 31, 2017

1950 was 67 years ago, as we all know... :joyfull:

The MomDec 31, 2017

This song was written and recorded circa 1950 - 75 years ago. Longer than even I have been alive. ;) And I'm sure there are even older protests songs about injustice. This particular song was about the black listing of Communists, and imprisonment of protesters. Pete Seeger was also a major player in the anti-Viet Nam war protests. This country has always been failing some people. It has always been a work in progress. Some react by writing songs, creating art, protesting, or entering politics. Only the faces, and issues, change. And that's what I get for posting before finishing my morning coffee! Lots of errors.

draybookDec 31, 2017

Late getting back here but wanted to reply. No, you see this isn't my "perception". He sent Holder, Holder went back empty handed. Those are facts. LA riots, Baltimore Riots, Watts riots, Selma, Rodney King, the taking of the CA capital building by the Black Panther party, race riots every few years in different cities, slavery, the attempted extinguishing of the American Indians, the treatment of Irish immigrants, Japanese Americans being imprisoned during WW2, etc... Yeah, those did all happen under Trump's time in office. Oh wait, they didn't. But surely your OPINION that things have gotten worse under Trump must be correct. After all, the media tells you it has so you have to agree.

21stampsDec 30, 2017

You’re probably correct. It’s not even the coverage of the event that is bothering me, it’s the fact that “journalists” are talking to him and publishing his words. Don’t give people like this attention, politics aside, it’s just stupid to give someone like that a voice.

MerlinTheGoatDec 30, 2017

The reason this got media attention is because the person got caught doing it and bragged about it on social media. If the same circumstances had been present during any of the Obama heckling, we might have seen similar media coverage. Idiots on social media are unfortunately something the mainstream media pushes as newsworthy these days.