Disney World's Hall of Presidents to reopen in August and a first look at the Joe Biden animatronic

Jul 19, 2021 in "The Hall of Presidents"

Posted: Monday July 19, 2021 5:22pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

President Joe Biden will join the Hall of Presidents at the Magic Kingdom in August as the attraction reopens from its eight-month update.

According to Disney, "Creative teams have been busy programming an Audio-Animatronics replica of the President, pairing it with a delivery of the presidential oath of office recorded at the White House by President Biden himself just for the attraction. Every detail comes together to create a realistic and symbolic glimpse into the office of the President through the years, from the carefully tailored clothing to the props, documents and furniture placed throughout the stage. Next time you visit, you may notice the table next to President Biden is adorned with a few special items, each with their own significance to the President—including peach blossoms to represent his home state of Delaware and a pair of aviators as a nod to his proclivity for the sunglasses."

Disney also confirmed today that following tradition, the Audio-Animatronics figure of former President Donald J. Trump will take its place on stage among those who have previously served.

In today's announcement, Disney made no mention of any changes being made to the attraction's film, or any introduction of the much-rumored Muppets tie-in.

The Hall of Presidents closed January 20 2021 to begin the update, the day of the inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th president of the United States.

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Alex1997Aug 11, 2021

I assumed Disney was informing the public that Former President Trump was being repositioned from the spot occupied by the current President. I found it not at all interesting.

MisterPenguinAug 09, 2021

There are plenty of Biden/HoP videos out there. Don't know why people think the vloggers aren't on top of it. Maybe it's only their favorite bloggers they follow who have failed to cover it.

TrainsOfDisneyAug 09, 2021

Same. It’s funny that the people that don’t like the vloggers always know to the second what each has or has not posted a video about!

"El Gran Magnifico"Aug 08, 2021

I mean. Take the hat off. And we're in the ballpark. (Or put the hat on - and we're still there.)

doctornickAug 08, 2021

Agreed. I literally have no idea who practically every one of those folks are or their websites or whatever. And I feel like I’m pretty knowledgeable about the parks and the goings on. They are pretty easy to ignore if you y’know ignore them

Animaniac93-98Aug 08, 2021

"Whad up homies, it's ya boi, #1 PRESIDENT of the Diz Vloggers, XtraMickey4Less!" "You heard what my guy Biden said, SMASH DAT LIKE BUTTON!"

disneygeek90Aug 08, 2021

I wish I had a dollar every time vloggers were mentioned on this forum. Why are y’all obsessed with them 😂

Bullseye1967Aug 08, 2021

Jackie from super enthused did a vlog on it I believe.

The Grand InquisitorAug 08, 2021

I wonder if Tim Tracker might cover it. He covers a lot of the new parks stuff from Disney to Universal. He also covered the show in 2017 when former President Trump was added.

Giss NericAug 07, 2021

I noticed none of these Disney vloggers covered the reopening of HOP. They always have the fear of missing out syndrome so they always want to be the first on everything happening in the parks.

BrianAug 07, 2021

I'll take anything without IP characters right now.

GoofyernmostAug 07, 2021

Well, he wasn't taking the oath of office in the show, he was merely reciting it. That said, I don't like the looks of someone that is just standing there with their arms straight down and hands opened up. It seems uncomfortable as well as unnatural. Biden strikes me as someone that would have at least one hand in his pocket. But that is a small point.

skypilot2922Aug 06, 2021

its an improvement and right now i’ll take any improvements at WDW and tag them in the win column

larryzAug 06, 2021

Except for the arm positions. Right hand is supposed to be raised while taking an oath. That said, I thought the Ray-Ban Aviators on the table beside Biden were a nice touch!