Disney World's Hall of Presidents to reopen in August and a first look at the Joe Biden animatronic

Jul 19, 2021 in "The Hall of Presidents"

Posted: Monday July 19, 2021 5:22pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

President Joe Biden will join the Hall of Presidents at the Magic Kingdom in August as the attraction reopens from its eight-month update.

According to Disney, "Creative teams have been busy programming an Audio-Animatronics replica of the President, pairing it with a delivery of the presidential oath of office recorded at the White House by President Biden himself just for the attraction. Every detail comes together to create a realistic and symbolic glimpse into the office of the President through the years, from the carefully tailored clothing to the props, documents and furniture placed throughout the stage. Next time you visit, you may notice the table next to President Biden is adorned with a few special items, each with their own significance to the President—including peach blossoms to represent his home state of Delaware and a pair of aviators as a nod to his proclivity for the sunglasses."

Disney also confirmed today that following tradition, the Audio-Animatronics figure of former President Donald J. Trump will take its place on stage among those who have previously served.

In today's announcement, Disney made no mention of any changes being made to the attraction's film, or any introduction of the much-rumored Muppets tie-in.

The Hall of Presidents closed January 20 2021 to begin the update, the day of the inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th president of the United States.

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The Mom5 days ago

I think it's time to lock this thread and wait until after the election for news about any updates - if there are any.

MR.Dis5 days ago

The Trump speech was very generic and could be used again. However, since Biden did not give a speech I think Disney would continue this trend with no speech. It also makes it easier going forward with future presidents to not have to make time to get a speech recorded when a new President is incredibly busy learning the job.

DisneyCane5 days ago

Very true. However, in 1956 there weren't companies demonstrating robots that can walk. As I became an adult after growing up watching the Jetsons (as a kid in the 1980s) the one innovation I didn't want to see was video phones. I wanted to retain my ability to "zone out" when talking to my mom, for example.

Bocabear5 days ago

they were saying that back in 1956.....

DisneyCane5 days ago

There's a novelty to seeing and hearing an AA of the current president. For the overall show it's better to focus on historically important Presidents and keep the novelty to a minimum. As time has progressed it's less of a novelty due to the improvements and advancements in robotics and AI. It probably won't be long before you can order a walking, talking robot clone of yourself to take care of mundane chores.

Coaster Lover6 days ago

I dunno... regardless of who wins, I'd be 100% on board if they decided to have Lincoln or Washington be the only one talking. Heck, I'd be fine if they decided to have animatronic Walt up there to give a short speech about the importance of the presidency instead of having any president (past or present) talk.

The Mom6 days ago

Since this thread is being resurrected, I will once again remind posters that no political comments are allowed. Thank you.

Captain Barbossa6 days ago

I could see them axing the speech and just have him recite the Oath of Office (like the current iteration), which they can reuse the previous recording. If that’s the route they go, depending on the election obviously, I’d love to have a new speech for someone like Lincoln or Washington, in addition to the ones they currently give. Heck, I’d even love to see someone different like JFK give a speech, but that won’t ever happen.

Captain Barbossa6 days ago

My biggest gripe with HoP is that they don’t play Hail to the Chief anymore when the Presidents are introduced. Was hoping they’d bring it back when it reopened in 21 but nope. It feels more than weird without it. That and the removal of the Battle Hymn of the Republic. Miss that one too.

John park hopper6 days ago

Have been to the Hall of Presidents every time I have been to MK never gets old for me

Sneakman6 days ago

I Thinl HOP should stay too. Maybe with some updates sure, but I’d be fine with it staying. American Adventure solos tho

Moth6 days ago

Personally, I think the show is staying, despite the outcome of the 2024 election. Those who dislike it can skip it and self-select, personally it's not my cup of tea so I've seen it only once. It's an important, integral part of the Magic Kingdom's identity. It's forever remained a bipartisan message that everyone watching can agree on, and I'll be ultimately sad to see it go. And while I love The Muppets, I don't really wanna see them in the Hall of Presidents?

TrainsOfDisney6 days ago

President Biden does not give a speech - so if Trump is re-elected they will have to make a decision on having him give a speech.

muddyrivers6 days ago

I could see them remaking the skin as they didn't seem to do the best job capturing Trump's likeness the first go around and they would likely update the animatronic so as to showcase their latest animatronic technology. At least I would hope they would do so for whoever the next new person would be. In the case of a Biden second term they of course would not be updating the figure as no changes to the show would be needed. If Trump were to get a second term, this would be unprecedented in modern times as the only other person to have non consecutive terms was Grover Cleveland. So I'm not sure what they would do for recording. I believe the first time they did a Trump recording they had difficulty arranging a time with the administration so they may shortcut the issue by reusing the recording. However, it would be an 8 year old recording by the time of inauguration so I would think a new recording would definitely be justified to accurately reflect the individual.