PHOTOS - The very last construction wall now down at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Apr 28, 2014 in "Fantasyland"

Posted: Monday April 28, 2014 12:24pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train coaster is now 100% construction wall free.

The very last wall, which was on the rear of the mountain opposite Little mermaid, has now been removed. This area was used during the construction phase for workers to get in and out of the site.

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Gabe1May 24, 2014

Throughout the years of the ohh's and ahh's of the pretty rocks of FLE I compared it to old imagineering of both Disney Parks and Zoo's for over a half of a century. Today the Bronx Zoo is opening an amazing exhibit for Komodo Dragon's. Their rock work is amazing too. Bronx Zoo has had many artists working on the rocks so anyone needing a fix of great imagineering that lives in the area and isn't in the "World," ya can pretend you're at AK and plan a visit to the Komodo Dragon's at the zoo. Komodo's have not been there in 50 years and the exhibit is large as the dragons are about 5 feet but will grow to about 9 feet. :) The videos out there this week reminds me of Disney Imagineering.

mratiganMay 16, 2014

If you watch a video you can see two white strips in the track in some scenes. There is another set of wheels under the train. One wheel in the front and one in the back. These wheels roll on top of the strips and are pushed up and lock the cars from swinging. The wheels under the buckets are another way to stop swinging, like in load/unload.

Sped2424May 16, 2014

I find the cottage scene to be the real show stopper for me, something about it being outdoors and in that setting really just creates a sense of realistic wonder to it. like you fell into the film itself. I only wish there were more show scenes for this ride. If only.

Rob562May 16, 2014

I'm also curious if there's some way to stabilize the cars when they're away from the station, such as during an evac. I don't see any kind of rail that interacts with these wheels on the lifthills to stop them from swinging. At first I thought perhaps there might be retractable rails that can pop out from the stairs/walkway and engage these wheels to keep the car from swinging, but then I realized that the decorate "wooden" wheels are in the way. When the cars roll through the station at Load and Unload, they're sticking up through a large slot in the floor with all of that stuff underneath floor level. I suppose that the CM's must have some way of steadying the cars while Guests climb out of them. Otherwise that's just asking for trouble. -Rob

Sassagoula-RvrMay 15, 2014

I think I'm done watching videos...don't want to ruin the surprise! Might have to start planning a trip now though...My bank account is going to hate me.

danlb_2000May 15, 2014

Saw this picture posted in another thread. First time I noticed that wheels on the bottom of the swinging part of the car. Must be how they hold the car straight during load and unload.

dstrawn9889May 08, 2014

and possibly updated AA's for the classic dark rides at the parks...

doctornickMay 08, 2014

Yeah, hopefully, they will recognize the need for more attractions at Epcot, DAK and especially DHS and will start building something in the near future that we can talk about. At a minimum, I do expect that we'll have some re-imagining of rides to talk about before Pandora opens (e.g. new Soarin', maybe a new Imagination) and will probably have concept art/plans for some sort of DHS stuff (e.g. Star Wars or possibly Pixar) sometime in the next year or so.

Kman101May 08, 2014

lol, we already have been! Gonna be a long three years.

MOXOMUMDMay 07, 2014

And we'll be discussing that for years. ;)

Rob562May 06, 2014

Wondering if it has something to do with either the rooftop pyro launchers for Wishes or the two towers that house the disappearing proscenium arch in Philharmagic (or both). -Rob

danlb_2000May 06, 2014

Yeah, I am thinking this more then trying to hide the whole building.

dstrawn9889May 05, 2014

more along the lines of seeing the patchwork roof membrane than anything else...

Sped2424May 05, 2014

Does that mean they are trying to block the view of philharmagic from the mine train? Instead of blocking it how about they spruce up that area instead!