More details on 'Smellephants on Parade' coming to Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom

Jul 28, 2023 in "Fantasyland"

Posted: Friday July 28, 2023 9:48am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Following last night's surprise announcement by Disney of the 'Smellephants on Parade' addition to Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom, we have a few more details on what the new experience will involve.


Guests entering Storybook Circus will find a casting call from Timothy Q. Mouse, seeking out a "Whiff-sistant" to join Dumbo's newest act.

At the ticket booth in front of Big Top Souvenirs, Cast Members will provide a map and sticker sheet to guide guests in their training.

"Whiff-sistants" in training will explore Storybook Circus to find a number of Smellephants statues, each with a unique, circus-inspired fragrance - popcorn being one of them.

Scentsy will also sponsor Dumbo attraction as part of the multi-year partnership.

Scentsy entered into a multi-year relationship with the Walt Disney World Resort in 2021, which included the new experience in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom, an exhibit at the EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival, and becoming the Official Home Fragrance of Walt Disney World.

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wdwmagic17 days ago

I'm sure that its part of the sponsorship agreement to add more Scentsy exposure.

Minnesota disney fan19 days ago

OH, like Magic Candle company already does? I have a POFQ lobby candle that smells just like that wonderful smell. I have never been disappointed in Magic Candle Co.

James Alucobond19 days ago

I mean, there was one for Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom when it was a thing. Wouldn't be surprised if it went into one of the rotating spots for stuff like that.

ToTBellHop19 days ago

This is worthy of a poster? What did it replace?

DCBaker19 days ago

A Smellephants on Parade poster has been added in the entrance tunnel underneath the train station - photo from May 4.

lazyboy97o20 days ago

The beauty of a three-sided polygon organization is that everyone can be the shop! Are you interested in joining the team? Potential is unlimited, probability not so much.

co1006420 days ago

Am I the only one who defaults to MLM meaning something else? 😅

larryz20 days ago

So where's the Scentsy shop? Surely they aren't going to just throw out some new smellitizers without offering the scents for sale...

ToTBellHop21 days ago

Tell someone in Adventureland that they need one and then they’ll tell people in Frontierland and Tomorrowland so they want one of these and then they’ll tell someone in all of the Epcot lands who will tell someone in all of the USF lands and then we will have Smellephants in every town in Florida and eventually…the world.

Earlie the Pearlie21 days ago

This looks adorable! Like I know it’s an MLM. But this sort of thing needs to be in every land of every park: short, interactive scavenger hunts to add some capacity and visual interest. I’ll try to play it next time I’m down there.

pigglewiggle21 days ago

This looks really great. Love the posters. Very fun. More things (not necessarily scentsy) should be added to the parks. Just little additions like this make it great.

wdwmagic21 days ago

New Family Fun at Magic Kingdom: Smellephants on Parade Scavenger Hunt is now open More photos at

James Alucobond22 days ago

Not all financially imprudent things are multi-level marketing schemes.

Tha Realest22 days ago

The only MLM allowed on Disney property is DVC!