'Smellephants on Parade' - a family-friendly 'search and sniff' adventure coming to Magic Kingdom

Jul 27, 2023 in "Fantasyland"

Posted: Thursday July 27, 2023 7:30pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Back in 2021, Scentsy entered into a multi-year relationship with the Walt Disney World Resort, which included a new experience in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom.

Two years later, we now know what the Scentsy experience will be. "Smellephants on Parade" is a family-friendly "search and sniff" adventure in Storybook Circus, presented by Scentsy, the Official Home Fragrance of Walt Disney World.

Disney has not yet provided any additional details, or when when it will open, but we do get to see a piece of marketing art shown below.

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RainbowFigmentum6 days ago

The big top souvenir store actually used to smell like cotton candy (it was amazing), IDK if it still smells that way or not b/c I haven't had a need to go into that land since 2017-ish. I had hoped this was the direction that Scentsy was going with the dumbo smell but obviously not. :(

Magicart876 days ago

Dumbo Circus Parade is "orange" leaning. Bright almost lemon-like creamsicle territory with a hint of peach. If you crossed a Myer Lemon fragrance with a Peaches N Creme fragrance you'd probably get DCP. Although, I think a more compelling scent would have been something evoking circus life without the manure note. I feel like if Scentsy were to ever make a companion scent it should be "Pink Elephants on Parade" and lean into Cotton Candy territory. Maybe just me, but I think a scent attraction would be interesting. Although one maybe tied to a different IP.

Richie2486 days ago

This has to be one of the most random sponsorships.... Scents of elephants....

Figments Friend7 days ago

Don’t know about ya’all…. But that Scentsy ‘Dumbo’s Circus Parade’ scent is pretty darn smellsational. Not sure what the scent actually is supposed to be, mind you. But it sure smells nice. When I think of scents associated with circus parades from the days of yore, it is an aromatic blend of popcorn smells combined with animal waste fumes. Thankfully, Scentsy did not go in that direction….. 🐎 -

Rhinocerous8 days ago

EagleScout6108 days ago

lightningtap3478 days ago

I just wish it wasn't sponsored by a sketchy MLM... Probably not the worst sponsor WDW has had though!

Magicart878 days ago

Bandaid and rotten hay!

Disstevefan18 days ago

I gotta look to see if they got the WDW monorail smell......

Disstevefan18 days ago

I am usually sarcastic , but in this case sincere. As much as folks dislike sponsors, it strangely gives me hope.

Cmdr_Crimson8 days ago


Creathir8 days ago

I like the roots of sponsors, but for some reason a brand focused on smells sponsoring a ride about an elephant… eh…

CaptainAmerica8 days ago

I sense sarcasm but. Yes. Literally.

Disstevefan18 days ago

Sponsors! Walt would be proud. Good show.